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    Had my vw 1.8T golf remapped ......

    A local vw specialist psi tuning in staffordshire did a remap on my 1.8T golf gti.

    I went to see them on monday when i turned 27, and had them do a custom code phase 1 remap, cost me Pounds246 inc vat because they have a 30% discount offer on.

    And i had it done now rather than later because i don't know
    how long this offer is on for.

    Well they also replaced the crankshaft sender because it was making the revcounter bounce after 4k, and misfire.
    I was going to replace this myself but because i wasnt sure if that would cure it, they tried the sender and because it cured the fault it cost me Pounds142 ish extra for sender plus Pounds52 plus vat for labour.

    Well i jumped in after the remap and pulling out of the car park it felt the same it was only when i stuck my foot down did it pull like a turbo car should pull, the boost is incredible, at this is standard at the moment, obviously a new exhaust will make a huge difference to he power.

    Because it had a power problem before the remap i'm unsure how quick it was standard probably not much different.

    But now it's fixed new sender and remapped, it's like a 1.8 gti but on steroids it's rather mental.

    If anyone has a vw or vag turbocharged car i'd seriously recommend a custom code remap.

    Re: Had my vw 1.8T golf remapped ......

    Hi 911, enjoy it. Remapping must be the cheapest and yet most effective "mod" one can do on a stock forced induced car.

    I had our V10 TDi Touareg remapped last year and it's quicker than an Alfa Brera on a straight line. Although the Brera isn't that fast compared to other cars in the same price range. It's still impressive of a tractor 4x4

    Re: Had my vw 1.8T golf remapped ......

    I had a revo remap done on my car a few years ago, it was night and day! Running 94octane she's pushing 18lb of boost creating +60hp and +70ft-lbs! Difference is most noticed at low/mid rpms where it finally pulls.

    Enjoy it!

    Re: Had my vw 1.8T golf remapped ......

    I forgot to mension it's probably around 200 bhp now, 150 standard.

    But custom code do say between 190 - 200, but i've had a new turbo on it because when the valve went they found there was a crack in the housing on the turbine next to the wastegate was vissble once it was unbolted from the downpipe.

    The also found the pistons had some slight pitting and minor dents in them, but the bores were fine my local garage wasnt really sure what what caused it and replaced the turbo and manifold, and had the head rebuilt.

    They then said i'd be better off either driving it slow or selling it because of the dents in the pistons, but having just spent Pounds1800 having the work done i was rather naffed off being told this..

    So i took it to psi tuning and had his opinion on if the pistons were ok and would it take a remap.

    Because the other garage said they wouldnt remap it because the pistons will develop hot spots, but the damage was very slight and covered in heavy carbon so it was old damage.

    Anyway andy at psi looked at them cost me Pounds45 in labour but was worth every penny for his opinion on if it's ok, he said it's nothing to worry about, and drive it how you want.

    He said the piston crown is rather thick and won't crack that easy, he said since doing conversions etc he worked for awesome gti before they moved to manchester, he's seen alot of 1.8T have similar marks and pitting on the pistons he said it's caused by pinking.

    I took my friend out for a spin in it and i stuck my foot down but nothing exciting happened it did acclerate but it didnt launch forward?????

    But it did once i came to the next traffic lights, i checked the oil today topped it up and i was going to give the n75 boost control valve a clean thinking this is causing the on / off performance, but i noticed the boost feed pipe which runs to the valve was split the screw clamp and dug in and it had ripped, so i managed to trim the end off and push it back on but because it's shaped to a slight angle so i've not been able to push it all the way on otherwise the angle of the pipe is to severe and will block the nipple of the valve.

    I'm going to price another one up, some of the pipes are getting small cracks in them and will need replacing in time but but it's Pounds122 for a silicone set

    The one in question is the 2nd from left, see how the top is angled and i've had to trim it down so i've only been able to push it on the valve slightly.

    But if the pipe is dear which i think it will be i'll just but some 8mm fuel hose which is rated to someing like 100 psi something rather high for Pounds3.99 and use that, even though it's shaped it doesnt have to be aslong as it works.

    Until i get the money to replace them with the silicon stuff.

    Bloody going as fast as ever now..

    Re: Had my vw 1.8T golf remapped ......

    Just thought I'd throw you a tip in the event you weren't aware. Make sure to cool down before you turn off. Exhaust temps on a chipped 1.8T can run in excess of 1300-1600deg F!!! Even driving around town mine's around 860-950deg! So make sure you let it idle down for a min or 2 to let the oil keep circulating and get things back to a reasonable temp.

    Re: Had my vw 1.8T golf remapped ......

    Yes i always do that, it's rather cold around 6'c here in uk, so that helps to keep engine temps down, for now and throughout winter......

    Since reading about the ford cosworths and turbocharged motors they always recommend idling for 10 - 30 seconds before turning off.

    If i'm giving it some or i've just come off a local fast road i always drive around the block a few times to allow it to cool down, if on the other hand i've just come from town i give it 5 to 10 seconds to allow the turbine to slow to idle then i turn off.

    It says on the borg warner website that they have an auxilary electric cooling pump which carries on running once ignition is turned off, but runs continious when igniton is on, the vw vr6 engine has one, this is very handy because it circulates coolant around the block and through the heater matrix, so you still get heat when your parked up for a while.

    But i've not seen one fitted to the agu 1.8T engine, i may have to look though the workshop manual again, you can normaly hear it gurgling when ignition is on, i do have a spare pump so i may rig it up some how, if one is't fitted, i'll probably ask psi tuning how i'd go about doing such a thing..

    Thanks for the heads up....



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