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    Some very nice "G" Pictures

    I got these pictures from the Lamborghini of Dallas since that's the only one in Texas. I am very much considering a "G" car and I have never been so close to make a radical decision like this (Except when I got married ).

    I'm seriously thinking about a silver/blk that they have available for delivery now but again I may end up with my "P" car in the garage again.

    The more I think about it the more I want it, we shall see

    Re: Some very nice "G" Pictures

    Oh, oh... its only a matter of time now, I think the "bull" has you hooked by the horns

    BTW I just noticed the rear wing of the G tilts upwards electronically.

    Re: Some very nice "G" Pictures

    BTW I just noticed the rear wing of the G tilts upwards electronically

    Good observation . I noticed that too when I saw the silver one in the picture.

    Re: Some very nice "G" Pictures

    I've been thinking about the Gallardo also. What price are they asking in Dallas for their cars?

    Re: Some very nice "G" Pictures

    The options are as follows:


    Car Cover
    G-Open (Garage door opener comes free with Toyota )
    Metalic Paint
    Antitheft & Sensor Motion


    They already told me this price is 10K over the MSRP, however by March 2004 they're going to have 5% to 7% price increase which means if I were to order and wait I still had to almost pay the same price.

    If you are interested drop me a PM (Private Message) or an email we can talk off line.

    Are told something different price wise in Florida?

    Re: Some very nice "G" Pictures

    The blue one looks gorgeous!
    (Just as gorgeous as the red metallic one from Wayne...)

    Re: Some very nice "G" Pictures

    Nice and exotic Ron! You'd look good in it I think.
    But unless you're heart is driving you crazy about this car which I can understand, just remember how much you loved the AMV8 concept, it's coming out in one year now only.
    Just don't want you to regret dude that's all.
    Just remember that you can forget about long trips in the Gallardo that involve luggage space, but in terms of pure exhilaration, it kicks the Aston's ass I think.
    Also, like RC mentionned rightfully, car equipped with the F1 gearbox (especially the Magnetti Marrelli one) get upgraded almost every model year. I suspect the Gallardo to be quite heavily "upgraded" for the forst two couple of years as it is a completely new car.
    Be wise my friend. But also be wild!!!

    Re: Some very nice "G" Pictures

    Be wise my friend. But also be wild!!!

    You are right I'll try to cool down this weekend and think about rationally.

    For some strange reason I've got the itch for the "G" car and considering practicality it won't work for me but I just want it.

    I should probably wait and see what Ferrari has in their arsenal for the 360 successor as well as the upcoming 997TT.

    Re: Some very nice "G" Pictures

    i say GO FOR IT!!

    No regrets with the G, i say--

    then in 2005 pick up the AMV8, which we all know is a monster.

    Re: Some very nice "G" Pictures

    Ron, the Gallardo is a beauty and the more I look at it, the more I like it. Definetely a very attractive alternative to Porsche and Ferrari.
    But (and here it comes...): you have a little child and I bet you spend the weekends with your wife and your kid. Are you sure you have the time to enjoy the Gallardo? Having such a beauty sitting in the garage most of the time doesn't make life easier for you, believe me.

    I actually took a wise decision (for my situation): I went for a Cayenne Turbo to have something special and to be able to move the whole family too. After the 3-year lease, I can decide if I want to buy the Cayenne Turbo or return it back and go for a 997 Turbo instead. I even can buy the Cayenne Turbo and go for a Lamborghini Gallardo, there are so many options which have to be considered in 3 years. The kids will be older and they don't have to be with us all the time.

    Don't make a fast move without considering all facts. I made a fatal mistake when I sold my 996 Turbo and went for a E55 AMG instead. I should have gone for a Cayenne Turbo immediately without having to learn that the E55 wasn't the right car for me. I rushed buying the E55 because I really liked it and because my Porsche dealer didn't show any real interest in buying my 996 Turbo. There also was the good offer for my used 996 Turbo from my local Mercedes dealer.

    To make it short: talk to your wife, don't let your feelings rush you into buying a car you might not be able to drive most of the time. For me, this would be even worse than owning one because I HAVE to drive my cars and I bet you're the same.

    Take your time making the right decision.

    Re: Some very nice "G" Pictures

    You are absolutley right RC as tempted as I am I have to think about it hard.

    To make it short: talk to your wife

    RC, she already thinks I'm nuts I just don't want to ruin her weekend now

    She has a good idea that I'm thinking about it though. I got couple phone calls from Symbolic Motor Cars in La Jolla this afternoon and I have feeling she knows I'm up to something no good .

    She ask me if I'm thinking about selling my porsche? I said yeh something like that .

    My good friend (fanch met him, he got the first 996TT cab in Houston) is getting an Orange "G" car next week I can't wait to ride in it.

    I need to take a cold shower to calm down a bit. I probably will wait a little longer though

    Re: Some very nice "G" Pictures

    Had a drink with Ferrari friend today, and the Lambo dealer in Paris is located in Levallois right next to Ferrari and Porsche.
    Remember that black G I told you about that's being driven in Paris.
    Well, first of all, he confirmed it, it does have sport exhaust, she sounded too good to have the standard exhaust I thought!
    But most of all, that car is already back for repairs.
    Bad TT, take it easy as already a lot of recent Gs seem to have problems with the e-gearbox. A new one is already being fitted to the black one in Paris and the car is only a few weeks old. But on the other hand, it's also been confirmed that the guy drives it like a pork!
    Doing standing starts at red lights with the engine cold. Shame
    Just thought you'd be interested man!
    Let me know about the ride in the orange one and say hi to your friend from me!

    Re: Some very nice "G" Pictures


    Re: Some very nice "G" Pictures

    that car is already back for repairs

    Thanks for the note fanch. I will wait to see how Ugo's Orange will turn out.

    Re: Some very nice "G" Pictures

    " I got couple phone calls from Symbolic Motor Cars in La Jolla this afternoon"

    they're less than a mile from my house and i have therefore already seen a couple of them running around. they sound great too.

    Re: Some very nice "G" Pictures

    The orange is gorgeous. Ben is right. The couple I have heard driving in La Jolla have a very nice exhaust sound. However when Ben gets his CGT they are going to sound like ricers.

    Understand the car looks and is small. With the rakish roof line it is impossible to see the driver (to some this is desirable ). However I have to believe it also creates visibility issues for the driver.

    Suggestion; wait to they take the top off and go for it. By that time the kinks will have been worked out of the model.

    Re: Some very nice "G" Pictures

    Ron (Houston) said:
    I need to take a cold shower to calm down a bit

    Before I ordered the Cayenne Turbo, I was really really thinking about instead ordering the black GT3 my dealer gets soon (Hi fanch ).
    But I had to think rational: what would I do with a car like the GT3 now? I can't drive it to work, I can't drive it with the family and I don't have the time to drive it for fun during the week. My conclusion: wasted money.
    During the week, I work or I'm with one of the kids. At the weekend, I'm with my kids and wife, usually going out and having some fun at Legoland or other fun parks, at a lake or in the mountains. We hate to stay at home when it is nice outside and I really wouldn't have the possibility to drive the GT3. Well, maybe when it is raining or snowing...

    When the kids are older, I can put them in the back of a 911, they wouldn't care too much. Or I just leave them with their grandparents, the nanny or they have some fun at some friend's place. This opens new possibilities for me and my wife to enjoy a nice sports car. Saying all this, it might be very well possible that my next sports car will be a 997 Cab and not the 997 Turbo. I really don't know yet, it depends on my free time, my wife, the kids and my karma.



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