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    How long will retrofit X51 for C2S be possible?

    I may retrofit a Tequipment 997 X51 Powerkit to my 997 C2S someday (anything from 3 months to 3 years from now).

    I was just wondering - is the retrofit X51 only going to be available for a limited time only?

    What happened to previous powerkits? The GB Tequipment 996 page still lists the 996 231kW and 254 kW powerkits but are they still actually available in practice? I assume they are so can I assume that the 997 X51 retrofit will be available from a dealership for some years to come??

    I suppose the key issue is not just availability of the kit but also having the right person install it. I wouldn't want to wait too long since one is dependent on the Porsche technician doing the job. I would prefer to go to a guy who is still used to doing this regularly so that it is all fresh in his mind. As the years go by, this may not be the case.

    I know OPC Mid Sussex has a Senior Technician called Gron who has personally done over 5 X51 powerkit upgrades. He is the only person at that dealership allowed to do this task. That's pretty reassuring...they are also comfortably the most competitively priced place to get this done in the UK.

    Another issue: how to do the PSE mod in the X51 car? I have really got used to having PSE on all the time. I would hate to lose this. Maybe I could have a switch installed instead to control the PSE separately from the Sport Chrono?

    Any more reliable info on this guys?

    Re: How long will retrofit X51 for C2S be possible?

    I'm thinking the same way. Would be interesting to hear from the 996 guys. Maybe they can recall how long the kits were available to their dealers...


    Re: How long will retrofit X51 for C2S be possible?

    If a complete X51 retrofit is not in the cards, at least you can get the X51 tuned headers and PSE. That combined with a 964 flywheel and a GT3 clutch will give you crisper throttle response and up the power a bit.

    It will transform the car dramatically with out having to go the silly money X51 route.

    The standard dual mass flywheel and Austin 850 like headers sap off lots of power.

    Re: How long will retrofit X51 for C2S be possible?

    Sorry easy,

    Greece is not a country with soooo many 911 s I just cant helpyou on this one..



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