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    Maranello vs Modena

    Which one would you choose between the two and why.Express your opinions!

    Re: Maranello vs Modena

    tough one... but i would opt for the 360 -- not only because of the price tag but also because of it's middle engine concept and the slim look and --of course-- the beautiful engine visible thru the rear window. the maranello has the more attractive cockpit, especially with the new main dials with the centralised rev counter in the "modificata" version. would love to see a similar dashboard at the 360.
    cheers; zzboba

    Re: Maranello vs Modena


    Well that's a tough one but I'd go with the Modena 360.
    Though speeding on the 'Autobahn' is probably more fun
    with the Maranella. But on the race track it's the 360 :-).

    Just my EUR .05


    Re: Maranello vs Modena

    I already have a 360 but if I were to buy it now, I would choose the 575MM. The attention that the 360 attracts is way more than I can handle and I don't think the 575 would be the same. However, there is nothing that comes close to the excitement of driving a 360.

    Re: Maranello vs Modena

    hi radar
    interesting point-- although there are lots of black carreras around the place i live (this is really an ordinary car), the attention it gets sometimes is also getting on my nerves. could i handle a modena? possibly not :-(
    but i would LOVE to find out ;-))

    Re: Maranello vs Modena

    575MM. Why ? The Modena is in my opinion too stylish and the engine not strong enough. Don't get me wrong, it is a beautiful car but one I'd love to drive to impress people, not to impress me. And exactly here's my personal problem with the Modena: I love performance with a classy look and I think the 575MM is the better Ferrari from my point of view. Even the old 550 Maranello did the Nuerburgring Nordschleife 2 seconds faster than the 360 Modena and I suppose the new 575MM does it even better.
    Yes, the weight of the Modena impresses a lot compared to the heavy Maranello. But the old 550 Maranello already was almost 2 seconds faster than the Modena from 0-200 kph, the new one should top that easily. I also love the classic look of the Maranello but I guess this is a question of personal taste and preferences.
    If you want to keep your GT2 and want a Ferrari too, go for the 360 Spider. If you don't want to keep your GT2, go for the 575MM. I'm not sure you'll be happy with the Modena. Just my personal opinion, Luigi.
    Or at least get the Modena M420 or whatever the name of it, whenever it shows up on the market.

    Re: Maranello vs Modena

    Thanks Christian, you've just increased my doubts!
    I have not yet made a decision, but I'm seriously thinking of giving up the GT2.For a number of reasons:
    First one is that I bought it mainly for track use, but am getting more and more involved in racing with proper race cars.
    It didn't turn out to be quite the type of car I thought it would be, I expected it to be a little bit closer to the 993 GT2.

    Mind you I think that the GT2 is a wonderful car, the straightline performance is really and truly STAGGERING, nothing I've driven comes even close, the grip and brakes are superb.

    I've been thinking of the Modena as a replacement, mainly after having a very good experience with it at the race track.It is not in the same league as the GT2 performance wise, and that is my biggest concern.As far as looks go I love it, especially in black.And that sound is just amazing (sound is very important to me).
    I like the 575, but it's a very heavy car and more importantly quite an old concept now, it will shortly( less than 2 years) be replaced by an entirely new model.
    The spider is not an option since I'm not into open tops that much.
    I also thought about the Murcielago for a minute, but I don't see myself in a Lamborghini.
    I'm uncertain as to what to do, any advice is greatly apreciated.

    Re: Maranello vs Modena

    Well, I'd love to have your "problems", Luigi.
    The Murcielago might be an alternative, maybe you should truely take it in consideration. I don't know about the reputation of Lamborghini in Italy but since Audi overtook the company, quality has improved substantially. So if you're concerned about quality, you shouldn't.
    Unfortunately there are not many "affordable" true supersportscars around these days.
    If I had the money and gutts, I'd probably go for a Murcielago. You have to ask yourself what kind of car you really want. As far as I know, you already own a comfort oriented cars, the S55 AMG. This means that you can have a sportscar without compromises. So go for it. If you want a sportscar for the track, the GT2 is a very good choice but you have to have it modified by a pro. Reducing weight and optimizing the engine output / suspension setup is vital for GT2 track use. But I think you already learned that.
    If you want a sportscar solely for street use, get something wild, flashy and fast. You'll never be young again and with 60, you can't afford driving a Murcielago or even a Modena because people will start talking behind your back, right ?! The choice is yours but I have to admit that it isn't easy, even if you have the money.
    Personally, I love the 575 MM and the Murcielago but you shouldn't listen too me too much. Yes, the Maranello is based on an "old" design but actually the GT2 is based on an old car too.
    I'd set myself a limit how much money I want to spend. This already excludes/includes certain cars. Then ask yourself for what purpose you want to buy this car.
    Last but not least: if you buy a Modena, you'll have substantially less performance compared to your GT2. Are you sure you won't miss the GT2 ? Almost 4 (!) seconds from 0-200 kph mean worlds, not to talk about the handling of the GT2.
    A last proposal: why don't you keep your GT2 and sell it as soon as the new Modena/575 shows up ?
    The choice is yours and nobody can give you the perfect advise.

    Re: Maranello vs Modena

    if this 360 GTO rumour is true [there's a thread in this forum about this car] you belong to the target audience!

    Re: Maranello vs Modena

    You are right zzboba, the 360 GTO would be my ideal choice, based on the info we have about the car.
    The only problem is that there is no official info yet, and I find it very weird that Ferrari might introduce a 550 hp no compromise limited edition model almost at the same time as the F60.
    Also, since I heard they might produce less than 300 examples it might be priced unreasonably.

    Re: Maranello vs Modena

    hi luigi

    it's weird, you're right. but maybe ferrari is pushing "limited edition" models because the maserati adventure is more expensive then they expected it to be...

    so they don't have to raise production numbers or start costly developments -- just stick the "limited 57/300" badge somewhere in the cockpit and count the ferraristi's money...

    what's next, then? a 575M barchetta, a 575MM GTO, the limited-to-montezemolo-360-spider, a 456 GTM estate?

    IMO what they really should develop because it's missing in the current portfolio is a sportive, highly dynamic ferrari in the maranallo class (12 cylinders). the maranello is a GT and not a race car.
    something like the testarossa used to be...
    this is also a chance for lamborghini with their below-murcielago model which is said to arrive in 2003.

    so ferrari, don't build only limited editions -- give us the GT2 killer. without limited production numbers.

    Re: Maranello vs Modena

    You are absolutely right zzoba, what I really would like to see from Ferrari is to restore its sporting predominance in the V12 segment.I love the Maranello, but it has gotten a bit too comfy and cossetting IMHO, the 456 \460 2+2 should be the true GT car in the lineup.
    I hope thy redress the balance with the replacement of the 575.

    Re: Maranello vs Modena

    i hope so as well!

    i just heard that they they deliver the 575MM with the racing seats as STANDARD. why that? looks silly with normal seatbelts thru the holes for the suspender seatbelts... IMO ferrari doesn't need this kind of posing!

    good for posters in the kid's room, but not for (most of) the 575MM customers.

    Re: Maranello vs Modena

    Hey Luigi,
    have you thought about Zonda? You should check it out, apparently they are quite wild.
    If you're a Porsche lover, you could also wait for the Carrera GT. What else do we have, I read something about the Edonis but that seems a bit OTT (Over The Top). I think the Murcielago is a bit OTT too but, het, you only live once. Probably the best V12 in the world right now until the FX comes out!!!



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