From the Texas Mile, a standing start mile event recording trap speeds, the Evolution Motorsports 996TT, running their GT1000+ (as in horsepower) kit clocked a 231.4 mph trap speed this weekend.Smiley  Note this is not a terminal velocity or Vmax, rather the speed the car accelerated from a standing start to the mile mark.  The first shakedown run yielded 221.3 mph, during which the belly pan ripped off the car.Smiley
Also of note is that the car ran RWD, but was otherwise unmolested from the interior, meaning not a stripped-out super-light setup, but keeping all the creature comforts of a 911 Turbo, and weighing in at 3,200lb.

And I hear they plan to fabricate an even more efficient intercooler for even more power.Smiley


1997 993 TT Proto 3.8L 700HP

2005 996 TSCab EVO GT700

2006 Noble M400 "M600" 573RWHP

2007 Audi RS4 MTM SC 540PS