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    Please help: Engine whine

    Car: 2005 997, 25K miles.
    Today I started the car and heard a whining sound. I thought it was coming through the speakers (like when signal cables are running near power cords) but it wasn't. As I tapped the gas, it increases, so it is related to engine speed. So I shut the car off and restarted and it went away. Then later, after stopping for gas, I started and heard it again. It sounds like a belt in the engine compartment rubbing but it's loud enough to notice it even in idle. Inspecting the engine compartment, there doesn't seem to be any visible problems. So I shut off and started and it was gone again. It is not the typical fan sound and it does it with the cluth depressed or not.

    Anyone know what this could be??

    (I did a search and found someone talking about power steering fluid but it doesn't appear to be steering related).

    Re: Please help: Engine whine

    maybe somethings flicked up off the road and it trapped somewhere..

    heres a 997 engine with the belt, check the belt for signs of wear damage..

    now you can see the belt try to check all of it for road derbis or wear... something maybe catching, loose trim or air box trim bolts missing etc.. also if you notice the bottom pulley (crankshaft) it it very close to the engine and something may be trapped here causing the whine...

    Re: Please help: Engine whine

    Are you sure it's not steering related i.e. does the whine increase in volume when you turn the steering wheel?

    I'm probably over-sensitive as I've just had a new steering rack fitted to rectify a whine, but it's worth checking.... just have a look at the fluid level on the dip-stick in the hydraulic oil filler in the engine compartment.

    Re: Please help: Engine whine

    Usually those whining sounds are indications of bearing failure on things like alternators, AC compressors and pulleys. They can be intermittant at the beginning (go away when it heats up) but eventually are there all the time.

    The good thing about these types of bearing problems is they are immediately identifiable/locatable. You're still covered under warrenty. You could probably still drive the car until it gets reeeeeally bad sounding. You'll only further damage the already damaged part.

    Just a guess on my part.

    Re: Please help: Engine whine

    Thanks to all for the comments.
    MMD, I think you were right.
    I just got the car back from the dealer and they replaced the alternator under warranty, saying it was faulty. By the time I got the car to the dealer yesterday, the whine was gone but the Battery/Generator light was coming on every few seconds. The tech, who is very good, told me he thought the sound, which he never heard, was from the alternator trying to seize up but the belt was forcing it to turn. We'll see if the sound comes back.



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