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    Fixed a rattle, others may have same problem?

    My interior has been fairly solid, with the exception of one bad rattle that decided to start rattling several months ago. Well, I finally got around to dealing with it, and I've got to imagine that this area may be the source of rattling for many others, so I'll tell you how I fixed it...

    I'm speaking of the aluminum trim that runs around the perimeter of the center console, from the front of the console, lapping around the shifter, and back to the front on the other side...

    The trim on my console was rather loose. Secure, yes, but kinda floating around a bit in it's channel, rattling like a bugger...

    I took care of it by canibalizing a Meguiar's foam polishing pad. With a razor knife, I sliced the pad up into smaller pieces, roughly 1" x 2" in diameter. Then, I'd fold the foam in half to double it's thickness. With a very small flat-blade screwdriver, I carefully pried-out the lower edge of the molding where it was the loosest (where the rattle was coming from duh..), careful not to mar the console or break the trim, and once it was pried out enough, crammed that piece of foam, folded-end-first, in behind the aluminum trim. For good measure, I repeated this two more times toward the shifter, as that whole side of my console aluminum trim was a tad loose within it's channel. Use the screwdriver blade to tuck any of the foam that may be visible in the small gap between the trim and the console up out of sight.

    Fixed! My trim was so loose and rattly, I've gotta imagine that others here may be suffering the same. This worked slick, and didn't require pulling the console out...

    Re: Fixed a rattle, others may have same problem?

    Niiice. Thanks for the headsup. Excellent use of the little yellow pad.

    I have this passenger side rattle seemingly coming from the visor area.

    Gotta get somebody to drive me around so I can use my stethoscope on it.

    Anybody know what it is beforehand?

    Re: Fixed a rattle, others may have same problem?

    Here's one thing that I have observed. When I put my telephone cord line in to remote my V1 (routed along the right A pillar) I discovered periodically some squeeks from it at the place between the A pillar and the dashboard leather. I think the reason it's doing this is because Porsche has apparently designed the dashboard to be a 'floating' dash, which doesn't directly touch the A pillar area. (If you look closely you'll see what I mean). When I stuffed my wire into that gap I essentially eliminated that gap and now, periodically, with the right sort of body flexing, I can hear some squeeking from having that cord in there. I spray it periodically with something like a rubberlube but suspect at some point I'll need to pull it out, cover it with something like a nice Gore material (can I get sheets of their Gore-tex dentral floss?) and then pack it back in there. Just an observation.




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