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    cayenne S X Range rover SC

    hi everyone... im looking for a SUV for me... and i did a test drive in the RANGE ROVER SC... i really like it....

    so confortable... but since i look the new cayenne i dont know what to do....

    so whats your choice... RANGE ROVER SC or new CAYENNE S with 21''???

    in brazil they cost the same thing.


    Re: cayenne S X Range rover SC

    range rover no doubt

    Re: cayenne S X Range rover SC

    I have an '06 Cayenne S and an '05 RR HSE (not a SC). They are completely different vehicles to be sure. The RR is more truckish, while the Porsche behaves like a sports sedan. In Brazil, I doubt you'll be too concerned with snow/ice handling, where the Porsche with snow tires dominates the RR. The SC RR comes with 20" wheels, which you can't easily get fitted with snow tires. 19" wheels will fit over the Brembos, but finding either true winter or off-road tires isn't easy. I bet, depending on the driver, a Cayenne S would do just as well off road as the RR.

    I had, and asked, the same question as you when it was time to buy an SUV. My buddies said, "Range Rover, no doubt." So I did (I had had my heart set on the Porsche until the Land Rover dealer made an offer that brought the price down into my league). Then my wife bought the Cayenne S!

    Now I prefer driving the RR. It's feels bigger (though you should check the exterior dimensions of both... I believe the Cayenne is actually wider.)

    If it's a toss up, go with the best dealership. They're both great vehicles. My vote is RR, though.

    Re: cayenne S X Range rover SC

    Test drive the Cayenne and then make up your own mind. The two vehicles are as different as night and day. You do not need our help. Buy the vehicle that suits your needs best.

    Re: cayenne S X Range rover SC

    like LB said, go for the Range!!

    new cayenne S with 21" wheels has to be very nice, but its just the same as the old one, although engine has improved, but you will also improve in paying the fuel consumption

    We where going to buy the new cayenne S facelift, in fact we ordered it, but we testdrived the RR sport tdv6, and we decided to gor for the sport!!!, but we ordered a tdv8, it has an amazing engine, it pushes very constant, it has the typical v8 petrol engine sound, instead of a diesel engine, brembo brakes, navigation, it has everything!!!....It really reminds me of an aston martin SUV

    Re: cayenne S X Range rover SC

    so.. if i want performance.. go to cayenne S(not turbo so expensive)

    or if i want confort go to SC or TDV8 ??


    Re: cayenne S X Range rover SC

    pretty much

    although performance in a tdv8 is just very surprising

    Re: cayenne S X Range rover SC

    I prefer range rover

    Re: cayenne S X Range rover SC

    Cayenne S is a far much better car than the Range, quality, performance, looks.

    Re: cayenne S X Range rover SC

    alhurr said:
    Cayenne S is a far much better car than the Range, quality, performance, looks.

    Wrong on all three.

    Price: By the time you finished adding the price on all the options for the Cayenne its going to be much more than the RRSC

    RR:1 - Cayenne:0

    English and italian cars are much more refined than their german counterparts.

    RR:2 - Cayenne: 0


    The difference is negligible. Moreover I still do not understand why people are so focused on perfomance of a 4*4. If i wanted to go fast I would just drive a sports car.

    RR:3 Cayenne:0

    Re: cayenne S X Range rover SC

    This is why I love discussion forums, sharing our different SUBJECTIVE views on beautiful cars. It's like comparing two different fine wines- who can really decide which tastes better?

    Re: cayenne S X Range rover SC

    Don't know about price or performance comparison, but to say that English cars are more refined in looks than German counterparts is ludicrous. Range Rover looks are refined? I guess so if you like small boxcars or shipping crates on wheels...

    Re: cayenne S X Range rover SC

    i reeally dont think that english cars are more refined than german.. they are in the same category, but totally different cars. and thats why i dont know wich one choose...

    Re: cayenne S X Range rover SC

    I'd pick the Cayenne any day. I've had the RRS up until this year January and had enough. Too many little problems here and there. The overall ride quality is better in the Cayenne anyway.

    I'd imagine the normal Cayenne S is MUCH lighter on fuel than the RRS.

    Re: cayenne S X Range rover SC

    Have you seen the bottom green LED screen on the RRS? Very 80s and unacceptable on a car this price.

    Re: cayenne S X Range rover SC

    SciFrog said:
    Have you seen the bottom green LED screen on the RRS?


    Re: cayenne S X Range rover SC

    its the menu display between the odometers

    Re: cayenne S X Range rover SC

    Well you RR fans better hit your knees and pray nothing ever goes wrong because they can't fix them. They are no better than Jeep when ti comes to reliability. I bought a new RR every two years for over twenty years and every one of them had irratating problems that no one could fix. I finally gave up and bought a Cayenne TT and in two years I've had ZERO problems. Don't get me wrong, I liked the RR, but their dedication to quality control is suspect. They are incredible cars/truck that can tackle the very worst in terrain and in that respect the Cayenne is no competion. But if you drive mostly roads, the Porsche is the choice.

    Re: cayenne S X Range rover SC

    03-05 Range Rovers were the best because they were built by BMW... I had an 04 no problems ever. After RR became Ford and it was all over....



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