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    Dealers getting worse.

    I've notice my local Porsche dealer has been getting greedier and greedier every year, but at what point will the customer say I've had enough?

    Went in to speak with my local dealer about when I might expect my 997TT CAB. to get built. I've had a deposit down for it well over two years. I was told that they changed it from a waiting list to a interest list with no formal order to the list. They are very vague, but I assume they are now giving the cars to people willing to pay over MSRP. The salesman told me If I wanted one right now it would cost about 20K over MSRP. When you already own two 2006 Porsche sports cars and put a deposit down over two years ago and they treat customers like this, it looks pretty bad. I'm not sure I wanted the car at this time anyway, that is why I was asking when my slot would come up. But the dealer didn't know this and is starting feel very slimey.

    Have others noticed this trend with Porsche dealers?

    Re: Dealers getting worse.

    cleared4approach said:
    The salesman told me If I wanted one right now it would cost about 20K over MSRP.

    Where do you live?

    I think like anything there's the good, the bad & the ugly.

    Re: Dealers getting worse.

    I would report directly to Porsche Germany this kind of behaviour...
    You will find interesting arguments to have your case sorted.
    Believe me.

    Re: Dealers getting worse.

    Go to another dealer next time...

    Re: Dealers getting worse.

    Are you in Australia or somewhere not North America?

    I think here in the states you can ORDER and BUY from any dealer you want (in any state) and have the car _delivered_ at the dealer nearest you.

    This would be a good way to pay only MSRP.

    Not sure how to "get a *deal*" this way though... .

    Re: Dealers getting worse.

    I don't even care about paying MSRP or not. Its putting down a deposit to be #14 on a list and then being told that they changed their list from a wait list to an interest list, with no order to the list because their wait list is over two years out.
    It is a Penske United Auto dealership in the S.W.
    I have heard of them trading their allotment of turbo's to their other dealerships to charge over MSRP before, so it's nothing new for them. Shell game.

    I think I will get the new Alpha Romeo instead. I'm sick of United Auto/Penske. They seem to care about today at the expense of tommorrow.
    They certainly have that right to do whatever they want. I've talked to many Porsche and potential Porsche customer's in the area who are sick of dealing with this dealership. It's just they have the only dealership in a city of 3million with a lot of upscale clients. Supply and demand is what America was built on. Somebody building a competing dealership in the same city. That's the only way it will change.

    Re: Dealers getting worse.

    Wow... so it seems that Porsche dealerships will charge over MSRP at the slightest opportunity of a low volume vehicle.

    Hmmm... where are all the Ferrari haters that love to bash the practice of creating desire with low volume?

    Please defend away...



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