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    Re: How many miles on your baby?

    I can't believe I am number one in the top !!! But also I was one of the first lucky owners of a pre-production 997

    10.000 miles or 16.000 kms from August 5, 2004 to March 11, 2005 but for one month the car was in service (a moron hit me in a parking lot when I was standing), so we are really talking about 5 months. I use my 997C2 on bad roads each day and I am proud of it (I am located in Romania - Eastern Europe).

    If any of you have any questions please fell free to ask.

    Re: How many miles on your baby?

    Fanch said:
    Dilinger said:
    haha does anybody thinks that the car reaches optimum performance after 5000 km?

    A high performance engine usually reaches optimum performance after about 10,000 km
    I couldn't believe it at first, but I was told by my mechanic at my dealer and comfirmed by a prod technician when I visited Zuffenhausen.

    My dealer said it even takes 30k km ...

    Re: How many miles on your baby?

    yes i m with you 100% Fanch
    i ve seen it in my 2 last cars
    As you quoted- i dont know if you got my post correctly- the "haha" was not aiming the following text "anybody thinks that car reaches top performance after 5000 km"

    My belive is that fter 5,000 km the engine is starting to become more flexible and not so tight as the beggining. After 10,000 many people with high experience believe that the engine reached full capabilities and potentials

    Re: How many miles on your baby?

    zurich i dont kow about the 30,000 man you i ve heard even 50,000!!! which is a little exagerating,
    but a modified engine i bought 3 years ago for a bmw tuned from schnitzer was used by a friend of mine who used to drive very very slow
    so my mechanic told me that his engine was "sleeping" and it had 40,000KM
    he said after i did 10,000 fast the engine would be more vivid with faster responses and better reactions.
    And i did not believe him back then but it actually happened after 55,000 km the car was feeling and was actually stronger so he was right, i believe here we have a similar case indeed the engine needs to "write" kilometers to reach full potential

    Re: How many miles on your baby?

    I agree that any engine need some miles before is starting to loosen up but the number of miles depends on the driver a lot. The first 3.000 miles are very important on a high performance car, the so called break-in period, but not only in terms of driving style but even more important on oil maintenance (especially on a Boxer engine).

    Re: How many miles on your baby?

    One of the USA magazines I think Road and Track recently tested a 997 S and came away with a 3.9 sec 0-60 time.

    They repeated the test over and over and kept coming up with 3.9 seconds. So they put the car on a dyno to test it's hp/ft.lbs. They wanted to make sure they weren't given a modified example for their tests. Sure enough the car spec'd out normal. They called a sister magazine and were told others were getting the same results.

    They concluded that the car they had been testing was faster because it was broken in. The car had 5000 miles on it.

    I concluded that that car not only had some miles on it but was also probably driven like it was stolen. It was obviously a test car and not babied.

    True Story.

    Re: How many miles on your baby?

    3800 miles on the 997S.

    Re: How many miles on your baby?

    838km ( 520miles ) in 1.5 days. Been wanting to post on this thread since it started. Feels Great ( for those still waiting ). Back to work Monday, but should double the miles by then!!



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