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    Aero kit in USA?

    anyone know when the porsche aero kit will be available for order in USA...I definetly will order the front spoiler/bumper...

    Re: Aero kit in USA?

    Don't knwo BD,
    But the problem is that the front spoiler will only be sold in conjunction with the rear wing, because otherwise, above a certain speed, you would experience different lift figures at front and back.
    Some people only put the front spoiler though, but be careful anytime you drive above 130 mph I should think.

    Re: Aero kit in USA?

    BD, very strong rumors are that the Aeroikt will never be sold in the US... j/k! dont kill me!
    Fanch, I think the aerokit is designed for more downforce, no? So adding only the front would add more downforce to the steering wheels at high speeds? I think it is less worse than adding only the rear
    BTW; if only adding the front, the car looks unbalanced aesthetically... to much attention is drawn to the front... not something I would recommend.

    Re: Aero kit in USA?

    It only comes inot play at higher speeds but if you add the front only you will decrease lift at the front but in turn if not compensated by rear wing it will increase lift at the rear, just like adding the rear wing only, will decrease loading of the front and cause front end instability at higher speeds.
    As far as I know, Porsche doesn't sell the 996 aerokit in parts, only as a whole kit all or nothing because of this, its designed and homologised to work together and fiiting only parts would lead to high speed instability since its not compensated.

    Re: Aero kit in USA?

    Dang and I just got my car, now wide body, aero kits. Well something to look forward to.

    Re: Aero kit in USA?

    Carlos, is it possible to get the aerokit and replace the wing with this 996GT3 RS wing?

    Re: Aero kit in USA?

    I'm not sure but I don't think so because the bottom part of the wing that serves as engine cover would not fit due to the difference of that part between 996 and 997.



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