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    Soon to be owner of TT cab

    New to this forum. Ordered a new TT cab-March build, April/May delivery.
    Here it is:
    Exterior: Midnight Blue Metallic, Cabriolet roof-black
    Interior: Sand Beige (still waffling between sand beige and black-feedback?)
    Heated seats, floor mats int color, tip, sport chrono, 3 spoke multi-function wheel, porsche crest in headrest, 6 disc CD changer
    Any suggestion/feedback appreciated; especially the interior leather combination for sunny So Cal. Black vs sand beige???

    Re: Soon to be owner of TT cab

    Door finishers and rear center console in leather. Covers the two largest sections of plastic in leather.

    Re: Soon to be owner of TT cab

    Welcome to the forum.

    Definitely order black/sand interior. Full sand = annoying reflections into the windscreen. Full black = burning hot seats. And to boot, the black top will tie in with the (black) upper part of the interior.

    Regarding must-have options:
    drop CD changer, get iPod adapter
    black floor mats (if black/sand interior)
    leather sun visors
    leather dome light surround (*UNLESS* ordered with hardtop)
    leather door finishers
    leather rear center console
    console storage compartment lid with Turbo logo (comes with stitching on the sides, completes the stitched leather center console)
    tip gate in leather (also completes the console)

    Re: Soon to be owner of TT cab

    IMO, definitely order midnight blue/black. it's very classy.
    And was my second choice of color combination, if i wouldn't have ordered a white/black. I don't like the sand interior, so i would step away from it.

    and i would agree to trade cd changer with an ipod adapter. And I think you should seriously consider the carbon package interior. You can check out a guy's turbo coupe photos posted before (a white one with sea blue interior, it had the carbon package i've been talking about)

    The other options seem good enough. But you may consider the blue roof top if it matches midnight blue. I'm not so sure about it, must have seen in person.


    Re: Soon to be owner of TT cab

    It all depends, you can really go nuts w/ some very cool options.

    The biggest change would be to add PCCB's.

    "The Groom" has given you very good advice. If you want to keep the price around the same as what you have now then you may also want to consider:
    - Changing the multi-function wheel to XPA (thicker wheel w/ round air-bag)

    If you don't mind spending some more $, then I'd add the following in order of importance (IMO):

    Adaptive Sport Seats
    Model Logo storage lid & leather console
    Leather sunvisors
    Rear-view mirror so it's tan leather instead of black plastic (especially since it's a Cabrio.)
    Leather Tip gate
    Leather Dome
    Leather door finishers
    Steering column in leather
    Instrument surround leather
    Leather A pillar package
    Leather PCM
    Leather inner sill
    Leather seatbacks
    Belt outlet leather
    Alum footrest
    Fuse box cover in leather

    OR you can do a Carbon Fiber interior.

    In terms of the color imo black is the sportiest, most high performance look, that's why they don't offer the GT2 in tan imo but w/ Blue the tan & black dual interior would look nice, I'm just not a fan of tans/browns for high performance sports cars, but obviously it's very subjective. Welcome to the forum & good luck w/ your Turbo Cabrio!

    Re: Soon to be owner of TT cab

    Ignore the wood trim. This is what black/sand would look like.

    Re: Soon to be owner of TT cab

    At the end of the day it's all your choice. You'll get all kinds of advice here. I have midnight blue on sand beige and absolutely love it (let me know and i'll be more than happy to send you some photos). I live in Utah and it black seats are unbearably hot in the summer. Others may dislike it and tell you to go black or black/sand, but in the end it's all about personal preference and what turns your crank. Other than that, you have the basics in your options. The only other options i have on mind (that you don't have on yours) is the sycamore wood package, illuminated stainless-steel entry plates & the short-throw shifter (I have the manual, you're getting the tip). I didn't get the multi-function wheel ... personal preference, didn't like it ... instead, I went with the thicker wheel (non multi-function).

    Re: Soon to be owner of TT cab

    atomic80 said:
    Ignore the wood trim. This is what black/sand would look like.

    Difficult to ignore...

    Re: Soon to be owner of TT cab

    Midnight Blue Targa with Black/Sand interior and black floor mats:

    Midnight Blue Targa 4S with Black/Sand interior and sand floor mats:

    Re: Soon to be owner of TT cab

    congratulations you wont be others have suggested id bag the 6 disc changer i have it and havent used it or the radio yet...definitely consider the thicker p-car wheel or better yet get a techart one i have the multifunct wheel and could definitely do with out....i feel the ass seats are must sure you have thought a long time about the tip in relation to your needs,...but the 6spd. sports shifter is reeaaalllyy fun,a must have imo and then youd have 4k to do some of the other fun stuff...and now time slows way down.or seems to stop



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