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    Creaking noise in my 997 S

    When I pull away from standstill a creaking noise can be heard from somewhere at the rear of the car. The noise sounds like it is in the rear seat area and low down but I can't replicate it by shaking seats, etc. Not sure if it is under the car or inside the car.

    The creaking noise only happens when pulling away from stationary and if you pull away very gently it doesn't happen - only when you pull away briskly.

    The car is totally rattle free apart from this and it isn't that loud but is driving me nuts because now I've heard it I keep listening for it every time I drive the car . I had a vibration rattle in the instrutment dials which I have fixed with felt pad (someone else also posted about this rattle.

    Anyone else had this problem or have any idea what it could be?



    Re: Creaking noise in my 997 S

    I think I'm getting what you're describing too. It seems to be in the left rear inside and I want to say close to the glass. I haven't tried to mess with anything yet. Crank up the stereo Let me know if you find it and I'll do the same.

    Re: Creaking noise in my 997 S

    Sorry, I don't recall hearing this noise when I was driving my 997S. I'll listen more carefully the next time I'm out driving. In the meantime, take it to the dealership.

    Re: Creaking noise in my 997 S

    Could it be the clutch? Pay attention when you release the clutch, I have a similar noise and we're already working on it to find out where it is coming from.

    Re: Creaking noise in my 997 S

    Not sure if it's the clutch. I thought it might be that at first. It certainly doesn't do it if you just depress/release the clutch whilst stationary, only when the car actually moves away briskly. Also I'm sure it can sometimes be heard in low very low speed tight corners such as roundabouts - but not when the clutch is being used?

    Re: Creaking noise in my 997 S

    my car makes all kinds of noises, but that's another thread. i think i know the noise you are talking about. i only get that noise if the engine is really hot. i think some metal part is expanding and knocking against something. that's my best guess.

    this noise, combined with all the other noises i have, combined with the system faults i have (other thread), i am at a point where i either don't care anymore, or sell the car... i am still trying to make up my mind.


    Re: Creaking noise in my 997 S

    the engine making noise is normal i think when its hot, atleast with porsches... my dads boxster S did it all the time after spirited driving.

    Re: Creaking noise in my 997 S

    I haven't heard that noise, so I guess I should knock on wood before it starts! My car has a rattle somewhere on the right side of the car that drives me nuts, and it's not at all clear where it's coming from.

    I'm with ossi in that this is a very annoying car. I would not expect the creaks, rattles, faults from a car costing 1/3 as much. My Subaru Outback certainly doesn't have the problems that the 997 does.



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