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    Re: Gt3 crash at the ring

    So what do you think trail braking or early acceleration?

    Re: Gt3 crash at the ring

    stom_m3 said:
    So what do you think trail braking or early acceleration?

    Looks to me like he simp,y over corrected his slide and botched the thing up!

    Too much opposite lock!


    Re: Gt3 crash at the ring

    Too much car for the driver?

    Re: Gt3 crash at the ring

    Now that I take a second look, I agree, over corrected.

    Re: Gt3 crash at the ring

    If you watch the first few cars that come over the brow of and start to make their turn there is no tyre squeel. The Scooby, touches his brakes as he comes over the brow but quicky releases to get the car lined up for the bend.

    The Porsche owner for me has lost control of the the car the minute he comes over the brow, brakes for too long, therefore entering the bend with the brakes applied. This for me starts the ball rolling. As he turns into the bend he panics (most of us would) and subsequently over compensates with opposite lock.

    What's kind of strange is that the guy recording the footage says "he's a flyer watch him" indicating he must of seen him before. The driver obviously lost concentration as he smiled for the camera!

    Re: Gt3 crash at the ring

    I see the following problems (but of course it is difficult to tell from a low quality video):
    1. driver is too fast
    2. driver brakes too late (I actually think he doesn't brake at all BEFORE the curve)
    3. driver enters the curve at a way too high speed
    4. driver panicks and brakes hard, car gets a little bit unstable, driver moves steering wheel too fast left/right...STUPID THING TO DO ON A CAR WITHOUT PSM/ starts to get unstable...driver looses control

    My personal conclusion: the driver was dreaming when driving, he may have been caught up with the high speed and underestimated the narrowness/angle of that curve, it is also possible that he didn't know the Nordschleife too well.
    He could have saved the situation by sliding through the curve while at the same applying some brake force and eventually trying to stabilize the car's rear with the throttle to be able to go through the curve.
    His biggest driving errors: too high curve entry speed, too late braking point (if he braked at all before the curve, I can't see it from this low quality video), working too much and too fast on the steering wheel and applying too much brake force in the curve.
    In my opinion, this guy was lucky he got out alive. Especially since he drove THAT fast and didn't use a helmet.

    BTW: have you seen the other [censored]? He stopped right after the crashed GT3 (in a curve!!!) to help the GT3 driver, putting his own life in danger. He even didn't look what is happening behind him after he checked out the GT3 driver.
    Then...oh boy, so much stupidity...this guy runs over the track to the other a CURVE!!! He was lucky he wasn't killed by another driver.

    I know it is easy to judge people from a warm chair in the home office but I suppose some people just have to learn it the hard way. Both were lucky.

    Re: Gt3 crash at the ring

    I kind of agree with you, but the car squeels, whether it's his brakes or just tyre squeel as he hits the bottom of the slope, hence the reason I say he was applying his brakes.

    The other guy who locked up and ends up running to his aid was a lunatic, lol. I bet the guy immediately behind him wondered what the hell was going on.

    Re: Gt3 crash at the ring

    videos like this make me sad, I hate to see people wreck their cars on tracks

    Re: Gt3 crash at the ring

    Too fast in....totally lifted of the throttle, inducing oversteer, then over-corrected......

    Re: Gt3 crash at the ring

    AndrewSS said:
    videos like this make me sad

    Me too, but for another reason: anyone noticed how only the driver with the crappiest car stopped to see if he was alright? The rest of them just went by like nothing happened... Coincidence?

    Oh, and the two idiots filming should be shot. The guy could've been seriously injured and they were laughing like two fags... "hehehehe, he wrecked the porsche, that's kewl"



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