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    Help ! Juddering Noise

    Hope someone can help, when my car is cold and I reverse out the drive on full lock there is a kind of juddering and slight knocking noise about every half turn of the wheels, I can also feel it through the steering wheel, it also does it going forward on full lock as well. Once the car is warm it doesn't do it anymore

    Car didn't do it when I first got it so clearly something is wrong. Anyone got any idea's so I can tell the OPC when I take it in to get looked at in the new year


    Re: Help ! Juddering Noise

    anyone ?

    Re: Help ! Juddering Noise

    You on 19s - if so its the tyre walls flexing and tramping across the tarmac on full or near full lock.

    Re: Help ! Juddering Noise

    yes I'm on 19's,I had 19's on my M3 CSL as well and it never did this, someone else told me it might have something to do with the limited slip diff not unlocking properly, anyone want to comment on that ?

    Re: Help ! Juddering Noise

    My only (feeble?) suggestion is to get underthere and give it a real good inspection. Jack the car up, remove wheels; push, pull, shake things under there see if you can see anything. Maybe a tree branch; you never know.

    Otherwise, get thee to thy dealer and maybe they'll find something simple than can be fixed while you wait.

    FWIW, one guy I know had a stone caught between the rotor and the rotor backing plate (not a Pcar) causing intermittant annoyance: drove everybody nuts until they finally solved the puzzle. So when and if you get under there maybe try to expect the unexpected.

    Re: Help ! Juddering Noise

    percymon said:
    You on 19s - if so its the tyre walls flexing and tramping across the tarmac on full or near full lock.

    I think you'll find that Percymon is right. Phone your dealer if you want confirmation.

    Re: Help ! Juddering Noise

    does anyone else's with 19's do this then ?

    cheers guys

    Re: Help ! Juddering Noise

    Check the tyre pressure if you're getting noises like this with 19 inch wheels. Maybe your tyres are under-inflated.

    Just my suggestion...nothing more than that.

    I have 19 inch tyres and I never get these strange sounds at full lock etc.

    Re: Help ! Juddering Noise

    Hi Easy, checked and adjusted the tyre pressures, I do this weekly anyway and its not that but thanks for the input

    Will go to the OPC in the New Year

    Re: Help ! Juddering Noise

    has the temperature dropped recently? i think its just the cold tires. mine does this in the winter time over here.

    Re: Help ! Juddering Noise


    It's unsettling, but I believe normal. I first noticed this in Dec '05, but only while turning at or near full lock on cold tires. I spoke with my sales professional, who explained it was the cold tires slipping. I would prefer a more technical explanation. I have driven the car at several driver education and autocross events. The odometer is at 24959, and I have no abnormal handling or feedback. I noticed this juddering again last week. I do not consider it a worry, just a 997, 19" tire peculiarity.

    The car is still spectacular!

    Re: Help ! Juddering Noise

    Mine does it every morning now that the temperatures are cooler.

    Re: Help ! Juddering Noise

    thanks for interesting post - I noticed same noise with new car especially on cold tyres. Do please keep us posted what your OPC say.

    Re: Help ! Juddering Noise

    will do guys,thanks for your feedback, it's good to know a few others have noticed this

    by the way 360bhp are you the same 360bhp from ?

    Re: Help ! Juddering Noise

    I also experience this when the temperature is lower. I notice it particularly when backing out of a parking space, when the steering wheel is turned almost fully. It happened last winter and disappeared when the weather warmed. It's been happening again over that last month or so.

    Re: Help ! Juddering Noise

    Same here ......I never noticed it until the temperatures dropped so I guess Percy is correct.



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