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    CAT Drift driver training !


    Just did this training course yesterday at Millbrook proving ground in Bedfordshire UK.

    What a day !!!

    The course was not just about drifting, but focussed heavily on car control at and beyond the limits of the tyres. I had great fun and learnt a hell of a lot whilst driving their Caterhams. I will be going back to them for some additional training soon as Colin is a top bloke.

    The day started with a briefing plus gaining information about my past driving experiences. From there I followed Colin in my GT3 along part of the Alpine circuit (What a road !!!) to the drifting circuit. 

    Once at the drifting circuit i was set the task of driving a drift prepared Caterham around a slalom circuit with a drift turn at each end. The cones were slowly removed and various topics were added like braking heavy into the start of the drift to unsettle the rear of the car, also throttle control (modulation), steering inputs, and vision was taught. This session ended with two cones set about one and a half car lengths apart, with an exercise in maintaining a figure of 8 drift around them. The purpose being to introduce and control the pendulum effect of a car in over steer.

    I then changed to a full race prepared Caterham and was set the task of driving it around a large figure of 8, in a racing line (Not drift) as fast as possible, with quick corrections to any oversteer or understeer, without loosing any speed.

    After this i was put back into the original Drift Caterham and set the task of taking everything i have learnt and applying it to drifting a large circular circuit, without coming out of drift... Great fun but very hard on the cars tyres and diff !!!!!

    I would recommend this course and CAT driver training to anyone as Colin has a wealth of driving and car engineering experience. The drift course was £600 which sounds a lot but when you see what torture the cars get and the experience you are gaining / tapping into, i struggle to see how Colin makes any money !! (He said that in addition to tyre costs, he has to rebuild the diff on the Drift car every three months and rebuild the engines once a year). He said he has run over 212 of these drift courses and they are very popular with rally drivers trying to polish their skills. 

    Although the drifting was great fun, for me the course was about learning some god old fashioned car control, and gaining a few tricks to help me sense and stay in control of my car at it's limits on the race track.

    Unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures at Millbrook Proving ground as a lot of pre-prod cars are running around. I got to see a few Rolls Royces being tested......


    Re: CAT Drift driver training !

    OMG sounds like a very challenging program and they definitely put your newly learned skills to the test. Sounds like very well organized and tons of fun. I cannot wait to invest into such training courses. I want to do many of them. no pics? thanks for posting your experience


    indeed shifting is ancient technology - so is a fuel burning engine..  I happen to like both :) 

    Re: CAT Drift driver training !

    Just an awesome report of an awesome day, and  £600 sounds like a steal for that experience. Thanks for sharing.

    How was the Caterham? In the videos it always looks like you need lightning fast reactions to drive one.

    Re: CAT Drift driver training !


    Just an awesome report of an awesome day, and  £600 sounds like a steal for that experience. Thanks for sharing.

    How was the Caterham? In the videos it always looks like you need lightning fast reactions to drive one.


    Such an interesting car... (Basically a V8 with four wheels and a seat  !)

    Being 6'2" i found it tough, i could not get my foot rested above the clutch peddle without catching the very small steering wheel, so i had to res my left foot under the peddle which made it very hard to drive !!!

    The steering is fantastic, razor sharp and kart like, also the caster angle was perfect as the car would spin back lightening fast to neutral position when you let go of the wheel if the car was out of shape in a drift.....




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