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    Can I specify tyre brand from factory?


    It seems that the Michelins are the OEM most favored choice by the people of this board. Not sure if it is really the case so pls correct me if wrong.
    Anyway, I asked my dealer if I could specify the tyres that the car will come with from the factory, he said he tried many times in the past but factory refused and it is basically down to the luck of the draw...Sounds weird where I can specify the color of the vents slats
    So 2 questions really:
    1. Could any of you guys specify the brand they got on their car?
    2. Are the Michelins me worth telling the dealers I ain't picking up the car til he has PS2s on it?
    Thanks fellows

    Re: Can I specify tyre brand from factory?

    That's exactly what the dealers said to me. They just happened to be PS2's when it arrived.

    So, in answer to your questions -

    1. No.
    2. I don't see why not but in usual OPC customer relations the likely answer will be, "don't pick it up then"


    and welcome.

    Re: Can I specify tyre brand from factory?

    Its luck of the draw i'm afraid - you get the next set of tyres and rims from the conveyor.

    You could push your dealer to swap them for those on a showroom car, but they will only swap complete wheel sets and will not just swap tyres from rim to rim.

    Re: Can I specify tyre brand from factory?


    Thanks for the replies and welcome, good to see I am not the only one enjoying a truly special relationship with my OPC

    Really hope for the luck of the PS2s, heard some bad things about P Zero in the rain and my prev exp confirmed it...
    Then again surely everybody is now aware that it rains more in Rome than in London
    Swapping a whole set might prove tricky with TPMS/Carrera Classic and certainly don't want to end up with anything less than new tyres in the swap...

    Re: Can I specify tyre brand from factory?

    This is one of my gripes with Porsche - you can specify virtually everything else on the car but tyres, which make such a huge difference to the car, are not available to choice!

    Maybe I've been lucky, but my OPC has always managed to do some switching so that I've got the tyre I wanted, but it shouldn't be necessary to do it this way

    Re: Can I specify tyre brand from factory?

    Mine and many Pcars I have seen come with PZeros..
    They are ok, grip good, but I want the Pilot Sports.
    Just waiting to wear out the first factory set.
    I had the car lowered with the H & R springs, the key is to get a full front and back wheel alignment quickly and frequently or you know what will happen!!
    Tried to specify or clarify tires, dealer said cant control

    Re: Can I specify tyre brand from factory?

    Look at it this way. No matter which tire you get it will not last long so if you don't get what you want the next set will be what you want.

    Re: Can I specify tyre brand from factory?

    Thanks all, for once dealer talk wasn't typical dealer talk. Shame tho, can't imagine it would be too difficult for Porsche to manage. As Bstew said, that's only until I wear off the OEM tyres 7-8K miles I guess, then I can enjoy paying full premium to get the PS2

    Re: Can I specify tyre brand from factory?

    I've watched the tire luck of the draw thing from Porsche for some time. Many years ago you couldn't request a particular tire, and then Porsche started doing it. Lately, they're back to no giving in on a tire type.

    Having toured the factory a couple of months ago a lot in that area was clarified for me. They actually mount the tires onto the tires just before the wheels are mounted onto the car,--in the regular production line. It seems that it would be very easy to integrate a request for a tire type into an order.

    Here's what I recommend. Ask your dealer to put down a request for them on the order,--in the comments section (if there is such a thing today,--there used to be). Then you MIGHT have a better than average chance of getting them.

    The bottom line is this. You will be going through tires so quickly on the Carrera that to get all out of shape over what shows up on the car is a waste of your energy. Take what they give you and 'break in' the car on those. 8-10,000 miles later you can put the Michelins on when you're down to cords.


    Re: Can I specify tyre brand from factory?

    Something to consider is that if I were a tyre manufacturer, lets say Pirelli, then I'd lose quite some business as far as Porsche are concerned as most people would be speccing Michelin's. However, I guess this is small potato's from a supply and profit point of view and the real marketing advantage is actually being specified by Porsche in the first place. Meanwhile Michelin's feeling quite smug.



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