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    Battery question please

    Hi gents,
    Remember how I bragged about how my 996 can stay up to 6 weeks without battery problems, well beat me!
    Yesterday, arrived home and wanted to take the 996 for a spin after over four weeks and battery dead.
    Just a tac tact tac tac tac when I tried and put the ignition on.
    called a friend who came over with cables and started fine, took the car for a drive over two hours, motorways, etc. to recharge the battery thinking it'd be ok the next day, but no
    Just had the same problem a few minutes ago.
    Does this mean the battery is completely dead?
    It's been only driven 500 km in the past 6 months or even less, not sure, and only town driving never more than 30 minutes each time.
    But I would have thought that two hours would have recharged it but clearly not.
    Oh well, at 40,067 km it's time for it's first big maintenance anyway.
    But any feedback greatly appreciated, sorry for the uninteresting story guys.

    Re: Battery question please

    Same thing happened to my brother-in-law's turbo; hardly drives it hence dead battery. Porsche replaced the battery but he start the car at least once a week and let it run for 10 to 15 minutes.

    Re: Battery question please

    Why not click me and be done with it?

    Re: Battery question please

    OK, I'm an [censored]. I never knew that accesory existed! is so simple it great

    I have left my 996 standing for just over 4 weeks twice that I can remember, once in my last visit to WDW Orlando, and the other this summer when I broke my wrist. Both times the car started up with the first turn of the key afterwards

    Re: Battery question please

    looks like alot of people are waking up from winter theres dead battery threads on every forum!

    followup question:

    if the battery dies, what happens to the car? i understand data is lost from the computers?

    specifically, what data?

    are there any routine maintinences that require complete removal of the battery?


    Thanks for the tips y'all!
    I will ask for that battery charger at the dealership!
    I have disconnected the battery before, and yes, you have set the time again as well as input the Radio code (Becker traffic pro unit) however, the preset radios were still there, so it doesn's erase everything I think.

    Re: Battery question please

    Most likely the battery is shot and will need to be replaced. The only way to be sure is to check the specific gravity of the acid. But if it was dead right after a good drive that is most likely the reason. Probably also the reason it was dead the first time.

    Batteries do not like to sit dead. They also don't like deep discharging. And then, finally, they just go over time.

    Not such an expensive item to replace so long as you don't have to have the "Porsche" branded replacement (which isn't that good from what I've heard).

    The battery minder is also a good idea.


    Re: Battery question please

    Thanks Stephen.

    Re: Battery question please

    On '03 996's and beyond, there's no need to input the radio code if the battery's been disconnected. Apparently it's all recognized when the key is inserted.

    Onsuch a battery, typically, the specific gravity of the cells will be fine. The battery will read a normal amount of volts, but it will not "take a load". It will also not hold a charge, so you can drive it all you like and it won't really hold the charge that's supplied.

    Getting Porsche to replace the battery under warranty is VERY TOUGH. My dealer asked me to prove that I had properly maintained the battery by providing the receipt for the purchase of the Porsche battery maintainer and demonstrating that the purchase date preceded the storage date. Of course, I couldn't find the damn receipt.

    A replacement Porsche battery costs CAD $285 (around US$230), which is ridiculous, but I could find no suitable replacement close to where I live. Costco was all out, and our Sears doesn't have an automotive department, so I was screwed.

    I agree that the Porsche batteries are crap and that there are much better batteries around. It's another money maker for them.




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