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    Where do you go for your oil change/service?

    Re: Where do you go for your oil change/service?

    My Porsche dealer has been excellent to deal with. It is without a doubt the best dealer experience of any car manufacturer. The prices are reasonable and fair and things are amost always done to perfection.

    Oil changes are only done once a year, so spending about $300 every 12 months for an inspection and oil change is worth it.

    Re: Where do you go for your oil change/service?

    I figure since the car's under warrenty and Porsche prides itself nowadays on infrequent maintainence, I just change the oil myself once a year and then bring the car in for the two year service.

    Of course I can enjoy leisurely getting under the car and checking tightnesses of hoses, wiring, looking for leaks, so doing the oil at the same time (on the first and third year) is worth it.

    For the fourth and fifth year I'll take it to Porsche Service; maybe they can find something wrong with it by that time.

    For me service is far away so it's a drag to drop off car and pick it up. DIY is a better way to spend time.

    Make sure you keep the invoices for the parts and _correct_ oil so you are covered in case of trouble.

    Re: Where do you go for your oil change/service?

    As long as the vehicle is under warrenty, service will be performed by the dealer. It will pay off when it comes time to trade in or sell the vehicle.

    Re: Where do you go for your oil change/service?

    My dealer OK, but a) they charged me for lots of what I think is overpriced miscellany, b) they didn't clean the car, even though they had it for several days. Compared to my BMW experience (incredible service, every time), I'm disappointed.

    I will use an independent next time. I hear there's a good one in St Albans? Anyone else heard of them?

    Re: Where do you go for your oil change/service?

    Other: DIY

    Re: Where do you go for your oil change/service?

    DIY or local gas station. There is no way in the world anyone can convince me an oil change should lighten my wallet by $300 (that is unless I owned an Enzo).

    Re: Where do you go for your oil change/service?

    My dealer just did my oil change. $65 for full synthetic Mobil1. They also found and replaced a leaking oil pressure sender that I was not aware of, completed a check of all service orders and found one to take care of (fan speed adjustment). Test drove the car to check alignment and greased the sun roof tracks to make certain it would not rattle. Lastly they ordered a new AC/Temp control panel as the two outside buttons (fan speed and temp) showed signs of wear. The $65 included a C class Mercedes loaner for the day. The car was ready by 2PM. Usually I would DIY but for the price I could not beat it.
    Cheers, some dealers are not too bad afterall.

    Re: Where do you go for your oil change/service?

    I live in Ontario, and unfortunately, neither of the two dealers in the Toronto area are known for exemplary service. They really should take a page from BMW. Having said that, I will take it to the dealer I bought it from and hope they don't &$%^ anything up.

    Re: Where do you go for your oil change/service?

    Heist said:
    local gas station.

    IMO, Biiiiig Mistake.

    There's more to it than the average eedeeit will ever understand.

    What are you going to do? Trust them to use the expen$ive Mobil 1? Are you going to trust them to use the Mobil 1 you provide? Yikes!

    I wouldn't let ANYONE near my car unless they work on Porsches literally "every day."

    The "$300" spent at a dealer is also a way for your car's service records to get into the PCNA database which would give you recourse if something bad happens.

    Re: Where do you go for your oil change/service?

    do it myself



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