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    My visit to a Ferrair dealer today- priceless!!!

    My visit to F car dealer today- priceless!!!
    I was in Salt Lake city today on business and for the first time I had the pleasure of visiting Steve Harris Ferrari. I have been on "the list" for over two years and this is the first time I have visited the dealership. Sean and his dad Steve are both great guys. I was able to see my name on "the list" and his dealership does tranfer to the 430 spider. I'm still a ways out, but I think it will be worth the wait. I took my wife and favorite neice, Kristy with me. I told Kristy about the long wait and if I wanted a new 360 spider, I would have to pay $25,000 over MSRP. She said "uncle Al, why don't you just do that?" My answer to Kris was that since I live five hours away from the F car dealer, I really haven't looked at a 360 spider in a long time. I am real happy with my 355 spider and I would just wait for the MSRP car. Kris stated that 20K is only 10% of the price of the car. It's not a big deal. She made me think a little. While at the dealership I saw a new 360 spider red (my color) with Sabia interior, daytona seats w/black inserts and black piping and WOW!!! I am in love. That Sabia leather is beautiful. While there I saw a re ENZO and I got to sit in it. I can't explain what that was like. The great thing about this ENZO was that it had 16,000 miles on it!!! An ENZO daily driver!!! PRICELESS!!! There was also a F40 there but the ENZO was my thrill. I don't drive the spider in the winter, but come this spring I may look for a used 360 spider.
    As a side note, I asked Sean what the value of my 1996 355 spider red/tan with 23,000 miles was with all services done etc. He said that it was worth $80,000 and I agree with him. I think that is market for that car. Sean mentioned that they are building spiders until spring 2005. I can't wait for the 430. It has been a great day. If you get to Salt Lake City, stop in and visit Harris imports and it will be a great experience.
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    Re: My visit to a Ferrair dealer today- priceless!!!

    Sounds like you have a positive relationship w/your F dealer . Was most curious what an Enzo commuter car w/16K miles sells for (or what dealer is asking)? Why would an Enzo owner trade-in so soon before the next F supercar release? Could he be focusing his supercar driving on the CGT.....or on the "poor man's Enzo", the CS?

    Re: My visit to a Ferrair dealer today- priceless!!!

    Good question! Any more info about the "used" Enzo?

    Re: My visit to a Ferrair dealer today- priceless!!!

    come on guys.

    no enzo owner - as well as no line of the dealer-visit text tells a different story - would trade in a used ENZO!

    best whishes,


    Re: My visit to a Ferrair dealer today- priceless!!!

    The Enzo was NOT for sale. It just happened to be at the dealership on Monday. Apparently there was some kind of show on Sunday. The F40 was also not for sale.

    Re: My visit to a Ferrair dealer today- priceless!!!

    I was on the Chicago Ferrari Meeting last Sunday, they had a Enzo, too.

    Absolutley fantastic car... gorgeous!

    I think, this car was from the dealer itself, but not for sale.


    ps...why should noone buy in a Enzo? Don't understand that. Theres no risk on such a car, as the value is constant high!

    Re: My visit to a Ferrair dealer today- priceless!!!

    lapeter, thanks for clarifying. Lars996, I've often wondered how much Enzo would cost to own and drive 5K-10K mi/yr over a 2 yr period, assuming one buys a new Enzo at $1.2MM in secondary mkt....I suspect cost may not be much greater than that of same 2 yr ownership of CGT acquired at MSRP...we'll see how resale values of high-mileage Enzos and CGTs settle out over next 1-2 yrs ....though problem is, very few Enzos will likely be traded in until new F supercar comes out, but CGT will prob be traded in sooner for updated version w/height adjustment and more useable clutch (or F1 transmission) any case, good to see supercars heavily used rather than worshipped



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