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    Pic Help Tint Shades

    Hello Gents,

    was wondering if anyone had pics of 55% tint! many thanks kinds Sirs!


    Re: Pic Help Tint Shades

    here ya go... but its 15%... the lower the % the darker the tint... why would you do 55%? I think you should do atleast 35%...IMO

    Re: Pic Help Tint Shades

    Tooner, in California you can't go too dark (a friend of mine got pulled over and handed a fix-it ticket a few years back to lighten things up). Sounds crazy but true, so check with someone in your area first. I am already dealing with one issue here and so far so good (refuse to drill the holes). If your in the same boat (not sure) don't bring more attention where its not needed IMHO.

    Re: Pic Help Tint Shades

    FYI, any tint on driver and passenger windows(and of course front) is illegal in CA. They can use it as an excuse to pull you over.

    Re: Pic Help Tint Shades

    And they will pull you over. 2 of my friends have been pulled over on the 101 (peninsula) in the past few months.

    If you are still interested, you should check out automall tint (no affiliation to me) - they have been very informative and do a great job, in my opinion.

    Re: Pic Help Tint Shades

    @ BD 997 - Thanks for the pic. Hot car mahman! - 55% was suggested to avoid popo attention

    @gradyex - I've been told too... Although here is the way i see it. I hardly drive the car with the top up and it's really either in my garage or my office parking lot [baking under the sun] yesteday it was so hot i had to step out of the car.

    @srfcity & vtach88 - thanks for the heads up!

    Re: Pic Help Tint Shades

    According to the tint dude:

    70% Tint is legal in CA [although only one carries that shade you would not put that crap on a 997 trust me]

    50% to 60% - popo [police] judgement call the tint man says this install has been good to customers and no reported pull overs from this shade. you are very visible still...

    Re: Pic Help Tint Shades

    A slight tint is more tasteful imo ..

    Subtle is the secret with most add on's ..


    Re: Pic Help Tint Shades

    tooner: one point that is frequently forgotten: the standard glass has some tint, so if the tint that is installed is 70%, you will not be legal. They have a nice device at most installers that will allow measurement of the amount of light transmission.
    There are some great tints out there that are subtle (for light transmission) but block more heat than you'd expect (I think there is some metal compound in the film??). This might work - but also could block GPS or radio signals or make using a cell phone more difficult.

    Re: Pic Help Tint Shades

    BD 997 said:
    I think you should do atleast 35%...IMO




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