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    K&N worth it?

    Anybody have one on and is there a noticeable difference in say performance or gas mileage?

    I've herd that they can cause the vehicle's mass air sensor to fail. According to the K&N site that's not the case. Here:

    They're also not supposed to void a vehicles warranty.

    It looks like they are about $66 including shipping for a 997S. Is it worth putting one on? TIA.

    Part #: 33-2786

    Re: K&N worth it?

    BTW here's the airbox removal instructions courtesy of Roy on 6Speed.

    "Unplug MAF sensor, right side rear of airbox, open two wiring harness clamps, one left side rear, one right side rear, that hold harnesses in place. Remove or loosen hose clamps, 2 large, 1 small from black hose that runs from airbox to thottle body. (no bolt holding box to body on the 997, box is riding on a pin with a rubber bushing) the screws on the 997 airbox are accessed from under the box so the box must be removed from the car to change the filter, pull the box out of engine bay, note: 2 rubber bushings under the box go on pegs and into 2 holes under the box, make sure they are in the holes when you replace the airbox.
    turn box upsidedown and loosen screws, split the box, replace the filter, it only goes in one way, sounds more complicated then it is."

    Re: K&N worth it?

    If you have a heated wire mass air sensor i would not use any oiled media air filter. Just doesn't make sense plus i've heard things.

    Re: K&N worth it?

    racerx said:
    If you have a heated wire mass air sensor i would not use any oiled media air filter. Just doesn't make sense plus i've heard things.

    Right, this would be my hesitation. Any more expert opinions out there?

    Re: K&N worth it?

    Well I'm no expert but if the 996 is any indication you will not notice any improvement on gas milage nor performance, you will notice only a slightly deeper throatier exhaust noise. The MAF sensor malfunctions I have heard of in the 996 were mostly belived to be due to excessive oil in the airfilter after cleaning and re-oiling it, which can be solved by not cleaning them and just throwing them out and subtituting with a new one when dirty.

    IMO, not worth messing with at all in the 997, little benefit, and if something in your engine fails and your dealer is an a$$ he could always blame it the airfilter and screw you. Only situation I can see of benefit is if its part of a mayor make over like exhaust, header, & chip... then the airfilter would be of benefit but would probably be in the form of a "cold" airfilter cone kit by the tunner.

    Re: K&N worth it?

    Like Carlos said, If its over oiled then it could potentially harm your MAF. Otherwise it should be fine. Ill check but I believe True Flow air filters would be a way better fit. No oil used in the filter, and they catch many more particles and pollutants that can hurt your engine. Supposedly even ramp up HP, not sure on the 997 though.

    Re: K&N worth it?

    I've got a K&N sitting on the shelf, I've yet to install it. I've used them on many other applications, including open-element cones on my S351 and Lightning, with no ill-effects. Yes, over-oiling would be a problem, and people seem to be very prone to over-oiling as they are paranoid that if there's not enough oil, the filter will not protect adequately. That's an over-reaction. I re-oil the filter VERY conservatively when I clean, and you find that it wicks through the medium nice and evenly, and you're good to go. I'm not expecting a friggin turbo-boost from my K&N, but at high RPM's it might give me a touch, maybe a fraction of a MPH, in 1/4 mile trap speed. From my old drag racing addicted days, a fraction of MPH is worth 50 bucks and a half hour beer-assisted install!!

    Re: K&N worth it?

    what about a carbon filter box from bmc?



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