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    Can't decide ... please help

    i have a 997S Atlas/Black with PSE & spacers, i adore the car its everything i hoped my very first 911 would be, i may lower it soon but really thats as far as i want to go with modding it as its such a great car out of the factory.

    But ... as with most petrolheads, i want a toy, something i can keep messing with, a hobby almost. I have bounced around for a few months now with whether to sell the 997S & get a used 997GT3, or save for a 997tt (i have nothing against the 996 the looks of it are just not for me) but then i keep returning to my love of the older 911s.

    Also in this dilemma is the fact that i have never owned a Cab & want to experience that at some stage (though the UK weather is hardly great to make this a major priority for me).

    So, can i ask those of you with knowledge of older 911's, i'm talking 1980's 930 911's or maybe 964 911's whether you feel i could get a reasonably priced one that would give me that pure driving experience that would allow me to steadily & consistently improve it or mod it & whether you feel that would scratch this constant itch to be playing with my car ?

    For some reason it just doesn't feel right to keep modding my 997S, whereas it feels almost necessary to mod an older 911 & at the same time really enjoy an era where cars were lighter & driver interaction purer !

    I don't have a bottomless pit where cash is concerned, so i need to be able to do this reasonably economically.

    All opinions are welcome, thanks

    Re: Can't decide ... please help

    Maybe a 964 C2 with some RS suspension mods, Motec engine mgt. etc - if you can't run to a 964RS.
    Or a 911 Club Sport.

    Re: Can't decide ... please help

    Get an old 911s, those cars are keeping the price. But still there - whatever you take, you should leave it originally, only tune it with originally Porsche Parts

    Completly understand your wish... two different things, having a new car and a toy!

    Go for it.... you will never ever regret it

    Re: Can't decide ... please help

    IMO, I wouldn't take on a project car unless I had time set aside AND most of all a "perfectly" equipped garage with a lift, huge tool set and stuff like sandblaster, parts cleaner, TIG welder, compressed air, etc etc. .

    I toyed with the idea of getting a 1980s 911SC but gave it up because, knowing me, I'd succumb to having to do everything perfectly including the us$15-20K engine rebuild and whatever paint and interior restorations etc etc etc etc.

    If you have personal discipline and restraint and can live with "flaws" that's an advantage with these older cars, IMO.

    FWIW... : us$.02

    Re: Can't decide ... please help

    I own both a brand new 997S and an 86 Carrera, and the 86 is without a doubt a more involving drive. It obviously won't go as fast or stop as fast, but in most situations it is more fun. I love the 997's abilities but when I want exhilaration it's the 86 I go for. I think by far your best platform for an older 911 to tinker with is a 911SC or 84-89 Carrera.

    If you're going to mod anyway (which usually will reduce market value if you start with a good stock car), I suggest saving a lot of money by buying one that needs a rebuilt something, or trashed interior or whatever.

    Re: Can't decide ... please help

    yea its a 1987 onwards 911 Carrera i keep hankering after, with the G50 g/box. I would like to get one with most the big restoration jobs already complete, but one that i can play with yet still keep my gorgeous 997S in its pristine condition its in today.



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