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    The Future of Porsche ... Details

    1. 4th model comes around 2008. Final decision will be taken around 2003. The new 4th model will be positioned against the Ferrari Maranello and similar cars, price tag beeing substantially higher than on the 911 and production numbers substantially lower.
    2. The new Cayenne 4.5 l engine is good for at least 5.4 l and easily 550 HP. Porsche plans to use this engine on the 4th model.
    3. Porsche plans a complete Cayenne lineup like Pickups and other variants.
    4. The 911 will not get a V8 engine. Period.
    5. An all new 911 (type 997) might be presented in autumn 2003 (!), much earlier than expected. Engines will be the same as on the 996 facelift, a 3.8 l engine with 333 HP might be offered later on. If 996 sales stay high, the introduction of the 997 could be delayed by one year.
    The new 997 will look almost like the 996 but with different, more classic front lamps. Interior will be changed completely, a much more classic speedo look.
    An all new 911 Turbo comes up around 8 months later.
    Power is rumored to be at least 460 HP.
    6. The new GT3 comes up around spring 2003. Power will be 380 HP, displacement still 3.6 l. This GT3 is available for the US market too.
    7. Porsche wants to use an Audi V8 bi-turbo charged DIESEL engine on the Cayenne. Estimate power: around 300 HP.
    It is not known if Porsche will offer this engine for the US market.
    8. The all new Boxster shows up for MJ 2005 (summer 2004). Engines stay almost the same, only a slight power increase. The rumored Boxster Turbo or RS have been abandoned because of low profit. New: a Boxster Coupe with fixed roof.

    Let the discussion start ...

    Re: The Future of Porsche ... Details

    RC as usual you are with abundance of valuable information on Porsche. This is a great news to me that they decided to stay with the 6 Cyl. Engines for the 997 as opposed to V8. 997 headlights are similar to 993 right, any comp. generated pics?

    GT3 for US market is awesome news too I think Porsche won't regret the sales of GT3 in the US.

    RC, did you hear anything on the Turbo Cab at all?

    RC,,,you've outdone yourself again.......

    You are the Man when it comes to this insider information stuff. Best of all, I like everything thats listed. I'm not sure if I'm in the minority, but I really aplaud NOT using the V8 engine in the 911. This engine was designed for an SUV, and I never liked the idea of trying to cram it into an already cramped engine bay at the expense of driving dynamics. A flat-8 might be a different story. Im really looking forward to the front-engined GT.

    ...and the round headlights,,its all about the round headlights. Go Porsche!

    Re: The Future of Porsche ... Details


    Nex year the new 997?????? car will have only one year!!!!!

    I hope that the sales of the 996 goes well..and the 997 is for Sept 2004!!!!

    Chris this news for the future of Porsche are official?????


    Re: The Future of Porsche ... Details

    I agree with Erik, I think the 911 is a living legend and it goes with a flat 6, period. I am looking forward to the 4th model!!! I think it's a shame not to go for a more powerful Boxster though bc the chassis is so sweet!!! But then, you can just call Alois Ruf and go for the all new fantastic Boxster 3600, basically a mid engined 1150 kg carrera, Wonderul!!!

    Re: The Future of Porsche ... Details

    although i personally like the idea of the new 997 coming in autumn 2003 very much (my current 996 leasing contract ends then ;-), i doubt that porsche is risking to offend all the facelift owners. they only got a "new" car for 2 years maximum.

    Dario, this is the other Porsche site

    Re: The Future of Porsche ... Details

    RC, Will the lights look like this or this one is not a real one?

    If what you write is true it only

    confirms what I have thought all along regarding Porsche management. Stuck in the 20th century and exploiting every dollar they can using the highly regarded marque.

    Think about it, absolutely no new product and market the old as though it is new and revolutionary. Yet I suppose people will buy. However, I wonder how long it will be before the light bulb goes on in the Porsche enthusiast head?

    Some pictures

    Ferrari 550 like - V8

    Pickup variants of Cayenne

    Re: Some pictures

    what about this pic?

    relax, dario ;-) -- TT is estimated for spring '05

    RC's source (german auto motor sport magazine -- at least i think he got the info from it) says that the all-new 997 turbo is estimated for spring 2005. your car won't be outdated that fast ;-)
    cheers; zzboba

    Re: i can go's two...

    days that i don't sleep!!!!!!!


    Re: The Future of Porsche ... Details

    Look at it this way Dario ... the 356 is still a very fine automobile. You have the opportunity to own an antique!


    Re: The Future of Porsche ... Details


    Is true and also a 996 TT is fastest than a 356!! WOWOW:D

    Re: RC,,,you've outdone yourself again.......

    Thanks for the flowers but I don't know if I deserve them.
    As always: I cannot exclude that Porsche spreads rumors and false information to create some kind of confusion.
    But I guess the information I posted is pretty accurate, despite the dates maybe. I'm pretty sure that a 4th model will show up much earlier than 2008 if the Cayenne is successful. And I personally doubt a completely new 911 (997) for MY 2004 (summer 2003) but as always ... only Porsche knows.

    Re: If what you write is true it only

    I have to agree with you, Nick. But as long as Ferrari doesn't build a reliable 911 Turbo like car at a convenient price tag, I have no choice, right?!



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