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    Re: Unique color - Viper Green

    Definately Riviera, no doubt about it. The next closest color would be Blue Turquoise which is actually a bit richer and "smurfier" and closer to the BMW color - Laguna Seca Blue, which I'm sure you've seen. Actually, I really like the 996TT in Riviera, it's a cool solid blue that's a nice change from the ubiquitous black or silver Porsche.

    Here's a picture of a Maritime Blue 996tt by the way:

    Re: Unique color - Viper Green

    Yeah - I've never seen it around before either. Only seen a few 997's in town so far... the 996 TT (or C4S) still seems to be the Edinburgh property developers car of choice...

    Maritime blue isn't quite as striking (964RS colour ?) and would have undesired (for me !) "Rangers" connotations here in Scotland...
    I remember reading a test of a Riviera blue RUF 964 in Performance Car as a kid... that car was a pinup for a while...

    Re: Unique color - Viper Green

    vtrader said:
    systra said:
    Very famous colour on the early 911 from the 60's and 70's

    The 60's and 70's, thats when Porsche had some really bold colors like orange, brown, yellow, black, red, blue, green, and white. All the colors from a Crayola 8 pack.

    gosh, i'm glad the 60's and 70's are over!!

    these colors were and are hideous

    Re: Unique color - Viper Green


    Maritime Blue

    That Maritime blue is awesome! Is it a non-metallic color? What is the history of the color?


    Re: Unique color - Viper Green

    ignacio said:
    gosh, i'm glad the 60's and 70's are over!!

    these colors were and are hideous

    No way.

    I think certain of those colors are very cool:

    Re: Unique color - Viper Green

    sorry, not feeling it. esp the school bus yellow.

    Re: Unique color - Viper Green

    This dealer is right around the corner from my office and I saw this car in person. Famous color or not I simply could not imagine wanting or liking it under any circumstances. Sure it's unique but I just don't think it works....WOW though and from a mile away!!!! I hope whomever ordered it - loves it. Resale may be a bit tough.

    Re: Unique color - Viper Green

    I love the Viper Green Turbo and I love the Signal Yellow CGT. These cars beg for a little flash. The CGT in GT Silver is boring compared to black, red, yellow, etc. The CGT is so unique looking, why wouldn't you want one in an unusual color?

    Re: Unique color - Viper Green

    oak said:
    sorry, not feeling it. esp the school bus yellow.

    Aw, man, where's the love?

    A school bus is a performance vehicle, and I like to show its colors!

    Click here to see it go!



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