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    Z8 Review

    Dear all,
    I test drove a Z8 today; almost all day with a friend of mine and my C4C so we switched regularly; fantastic
    The day was nice (France) so both of us were top down.
    Here are my impressions:
    Before all: Much better than the SL55 which I testdrove two weeks ago, read my review on the Sport cars section.
    Style: You love it or hate it, very much Neo Retro but I like it and so did the people, all eyes on the Z8, nothing for the poor C4C
    Noise: Great You were right Christian, much better than the SL55, sounds like a dragster, great in the tunnels
    Interior: Very nice, BMW quality. The only weird thing is that the rev is the middle so it's tricky to keep an eye on the road and the revs (who cares about the speed, haha, )
    Performance: The car is very heavy, so, definitly not as nimble as the C4C, but the straight line performance is staggering , very comfy as well, definitly more a GT than a sports car. I personnaly prefer driving the Porsche.
    And the best for the end:
    The Engine
    What a gem!!!
    Incredible, power at all revs, very linear, so sweet...
    5 Litres V8 with 400 hp and plenty of Torque.
    Great great car but remember, it is not a sport car.
    PS: Oh, one last thing, great sound system, Harmann Kardon. But the whole GPS, radio, phone device is very slow to operate.
    And also, the car looks terrible with the hood up

    Re: Z8 Review

    The first time I drove a Z8 (more than 2 years ago), I loved the engine/exhaust sound. Unbelievable nice.

    But the car looks too much retro, is too heavy and lacks an automatic transmission which would make this baby the perfect match for my wife.
    The Z8 doesn't seem to sell too well over here in Germany, maybe the high price, the heavy weight and the missing auto tranny kept the Z8 from having success.

    Seems you have a difficult time making the right car choice.

    If you live in London now, this little baby might be a good choice. Up to 965 HP are possible.

    MG XPower SV

    The standard version has 326 HP.



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