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    Anyone have an opinion on replacing air with nitrogen?
    Good for the tire life? Better performance? Both?
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    Re: Nitrogen???

    This has been covered before. Try doing a search.

    My opinion is that it's a sales gimmick hanging off the back of 'they do it in race cars' logic. Check your tyre pressures regularly (which you should do anyway) and you'll be fine.

    Re: Nitrogen???

    There is a definite advantage in racing but nothing significant for any cars that we drive. The big advantage on the track is it is easier to calculate the tire pressure at extreme temperatures and consistently calculate what a team wants to run for pressure. In our cars there are claims of better fuel mileage which I personally believe can still be obtained by checking your tire pressure regularly. I wouldn't waste my time unless I was Micheal Schumacher.

    Re: Nitrogen???

    It's a joke.

    For instance the claim about better gas mileage? It's based on BS that people who have N need to pay less attention to tires (because N leaks more slowly) and therefor get better mileage. IOW, if you neglect checking your tire pressures you'll still get good mileage for a longer period.

    Nothing mentioned about PROPER pressure with AIR will give you the same good mileage.

    Frickin' gimmick to sell for general public use.

    Good for extreme use in race cars, commercial aviation (?) and space shuttle tires (?).

    Re: Nitrogen???

    Why would eliminating the oxygen and inert gases from your tyres make any difference, especially in a road car? Nitrogen makes up about three quarters of the air anyway...

    Re: Nitrogen???

    easy_rider911 said:
    Why would eliminating the oxygen and inert gases from your tyres make any difference, especially in a road car? Nitrogen makes up about three quarters of the air anyway...

    Bigger N Molecules pass thru the anti-leak membrane of the tire less easily requiring less attention, or less time spent checking, to air pressures.

    Oxygen decomposes rubber faster, less O2 means longer lasting tires for museum cars.

    Both great reasons, huh?

    I can also imagine the scenario where I put N in my wife's tires because she NEVER checks/has checked the air pressures. I'll check them AND I WILL DRIVE TO GET THE N put in (can't dilute it with air, gotta go back to the N station). Yeah riiiiight!

    Re: Nitrogen???

    Thanks for the explanation

    Re: Nitrogen???

    easy_rider911 said:
    Thanks for the explanation

    No problem, I hope I'm remembering correctly... .

    That membrane they have to put in tires to slow seepage of air? (Rubber is apparently very porous, like a baloon) Why can't they just change the material so ZERO air leaks out? Seems like they've had enough time to develop something cheaply... .

    Imagine "never" having to check your tire pressures because you "know" there's no valve damage and no nail holes.



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