Hi Rennteamers,
I've spent days now searching this site, google-ing, etc to find usable info on rear facing child seats that fit in the back. ...I'm about to purchase a convertible seat and still need it to be rearward facing for a short while. I've found mixed traffic on the subject but enough positive traffic to indicate that there are seats that will fit well...even if the front seat is pushed well forward and may be uncomfortable for wives taller than about 5'3". I simply need to hear about what brand works/doesn't work and a little amplifying info on why it does/doesn't work (seat does/doesn't fit vs. not enough legroom in front passenger seat). I'm about 6 weeks from picking up my T4S in Stuttgart and would love to share this experience with my wife and lil' boy. If you can point me to a thread or PM me some info that would be AWESOME!! Thanks so much in advance!

PS, I'm aware of the Porsche offerings for the front passenger seat but am specifically trying to find what seat model IS an option for the backseat.