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    Essential Options

    Hi folks,

    I've posted before about a year ago as I specced up a C2S but I cancelled order and ended up in an M6

    I now have an order for a C2S Cab for delivery in summer but am considering changing now for one of the existing cars within the dealer network. This means a possible compromise on my ideal spec but gets me behind the wheel sooner.

    To help me make this decision, my question is "Now that you have your 911, what option(s) are you most glad you picked?" and "What option(s) do you wish you had picked?"

    Re: Essential Options

    In my opinion, Here are the essential options:
    Adaptive Sport Seats or Sport seats
    Short Shifter
    Sport Chrono

    As for aftermarket:
    V-Flow and Tubi Exhaust

    Re: Essential Options

    Sport Shifter.

    Multi-function steering wheel is one I wish I got.

    Sport Chrono is a gimmick that adds nothing to the performance of the car. Pressing harder on the gas accomplishes the same thing for free.

    Re: Essential Options

    1- Short Shifter
    2- Sports Seats
    3- 5 mm Spacers
    4- Leather extented
    5- SportDesign Wheels
    6- Sport Steering Wheel
    7- Sport Chrono Package Plus
    8- Alu. Interior


    Re: Essential Options

    If you're in the UK, I'd recommend:

    1. Park Assist
    2. Tyre pressure monitoring TPMS/TPC
    3. Steering wheel in smooth leather
    4. Navigation
    5. Sport chrono (it has some added PCM functionality and programming)
    6. Leather sunvisors (the standard ones are crap)

    Good luck

    Re: Essential Options

    had my car for two weeks now, and the options I use every time I get into the car are:
    PSE -this is an absolute must, it sounds glorious and adds 100% to the enjoyment of the car;
    Heated Seats - makes the cold mornings much more bearable;
    Park Assist - the small length of UK garages make this a must!

    If I only specced those options I'd be a happy man, but also added NAV, Phone and Bose - all too help resale in the UK market. These options are good but would not be dealbreakers for me.

    Re: Essential Options

    differnt strokes for different folks... go for whatever you think will make you happy.

    Re: Essential Options

    I have also had my car for about 2 weeks (love it!). I would recommend:

    1. Sat Nav
    2. Bose
    3. PSE (must!)
    4. Rear Park assist
    5. Heated seats
    6. Multi function steering wheel (very handy).

    Hope that helps!

    Re: Essential Options

    Don't forget auto-dimming mirrors and carpets

    Re: Essential Options

    Pink Panther,

    i ll speak in a different way, first i ll state what options i have that could skip on order to have some alternatives for the same money

    1) Sunroof-

    a)It costs a lot
    b)I rarely use it
    c)When open or tilted is makes some noise
    d)It has no usage as you cannot see the sky

    2)Sports seats
    Although thehy are great they have some disadvantages
    a) They eliminate the access to the rear seats, even if you just want to put some things at the back and not put someone to seat
    b)They wear more quickly as all sport seats because the anatomy of the seat is designed to fit and hold your body tighter
    c)They make some noise because as they are bigger they tend to touch the plastics of the car all around them, i.e the center console.
    Althought keep in mind that they look muscular and they cost nothing if they are just sport seats and not adaptive
    here they cost just 1200 Euro

    Now Bose is very nice and qualifies to my criteria 98 %

    I dont know how the stock system sound and comprimise it is BUT i guess that with 9 speakers it cant be crap

    ONE OPTION i m glad i took, and due to this, i had to wait 4 more months,to get my car, (because there was a same specced car without the sport chrono, ready to be delivered)is the sport chrono..
    It does many things its relatively a bargain and you CANNOT retrofit it, plus i love the chrono on the dash ....oooops!!

    NOW what i mean is i could easily sacrifise all these extras excluding sports crhono, to get the S for the same money , and not have sunrrof,metalic color,sports seats etc...

    Bit i didnt ,if i opted my car now i would go for a stripped S without theses(and if there wasnt any tax problem).

    NOw some options i would like are:

    sports steering on the base model
    xenon lights on the base again
    and many more

    Its just depening on your personal preference...
    I would put all of them if i could but here all factory extras affect the taxation of your car...

    The most important that you have to keep in your mind is;



    1)you can add them later
    2)You can spent your money now on things they cannot be added later
    3)you can take you time add add whatever you like in the future adding a differentiation note to your ride as time passes, so that you dont get bored with the appearance of your car over time...

    For example:

    1)Short shift
    3)aluminium,carbon,leather,wood interior
    5)cd changer
    6)telephone module
    7)passive handset

    and many others can be retrofitted..

    i hope i helped, until now that is my opinion..

    Re: Essential Options

    Interesting approach - retrofit whatever can be retrofitted. Hmm.

    I took a different approach. I added whatever I thought I should get now rather than later because (1) doing it later will cost a lot in labour charges (Pounds60+VAT per hour in the UK!!) and (2) I am getting a 7% discount from the German dealer on all the options I choose which I won't get from the UK dealer if I retrofit them.

    OK, so I am not speaking from 1st hand experience since I have not yet owned the car.

    However, I can tell you which options I think are essential and which I think are not.


    Sport Chrono Package Plus (revised engine mapping, memory functions etc the stopwatch is irrelevant - the other features are essential)
    Sports Exhaust (the sound alone is enough to make you want to buy a 911!)
    -20mm sports suspension with LSD (provided you can get this in your country)
    Auto dimming interior and exterior mirrors (v useful at night to reduce dazzling)
    Tyre pressure monitoring system
    Heated seats (v cosy if you live in a cold country)
    Full leather (for your comfort, lovely feel, looks, resale value)
    Navigation (v useful for you but even more essential to resale value)

    (People expect certain options if they buy a Pounds60000 used car)

    Nice to have:

    BOSE (not fantastic but a big improvement on the standard stereo)
    parkassist (useful esp if you live in a city but only if you don't mind the detectors in the rear bumper)
    sports/adaptive sports seats (v nice seats providing more support than the standard ones which are pretty good to start with)
    If you have a standard 997, it's nice to get bi-xenons
    sport shifter is great if you have a strong arm! I found it too notchy and tiring to use.
    Ceramic brakes & Powerkit: fantastic if money really is no object for you.

    The rest of the options are really just up to your preference. Some are purely cosmetic (yes, we can all be vain) and others are just for your individual utility e.g. homelink (do you need to be able to open a garage door? Maybe you do!) or a in-car telephone.

    Re: Essential Options

    U Boat Commander said:
    Sport Shifter.

    Multi-function steering wheel is one I wish I got.

    Sport Chrono is a gimmick that adds nothing to the performance of the car. Pressing harder on the gas accomplishes the same thing for free.

    Even assuming you don't define throttle response as "performance" Sports Chrono changes the PSM and PASM mapping. And if coupled with a Tiptronic transmission, it radically changes shift points and character of the transmission. Unless I've missed it, I haven't read one post from a person who got Sports Chrono who wishes otherwise.

    Re: Essential Options

    TPMS is always a good option to include. It's in my MUST HAVE list.

    Re: Essential Options

    I was ready to spec a new 997S when i had the awful news that my 10 month old M3 had depreciated so heavily (and it was a fully specced ex demo) that i had to re-think my plans .......

    I was going to add a host of options which i thought i needed to have........

    Due to my change in plans and 10k less to spend i bought a 6 month old C2S 1800miles with the only options being Metallic paint a top tint screen and park assist....a low spec which is something i would never have done if buying new.

    I can honestly say that i have not missed any of the options that i was going to spec on the new car.....what i have missed though is a 6 cd changer which i will add soon.

    I drive the car i enjoy the car.....added toys or lack of them have not spoilt the experience...

    Re: Essential Options

    1. Nav (A must have)
    2. Xenon headlights (Pretty cool)
    3. Bose surround sound (Only O.K.)
    4. 19" Sport design wheels (Now that looks awesome!)

    Re: Essential Options

    Adaptive seats. Never compromise on comfort.

    TPMS. $ave your wheel$ and tire$.

    Re: Essential Options

    All the "Essential Options" are standard equipment on the car... my understanding is that TPMS is becoming standard on all future 997.

    Sports Chrono is not retrofitable so decide if you want it or not now. Most of the other stuff can be added later (for the price of your soul) should you wish.

    Re: Essential Options

    -Sport chrono plus; it's not just a gimmick.
    -Auto dimming mirrors
    -Park assist
    -Sport shifter
    -Bose upgrade. I may not believe Bose makes the best stereos, however, for the money, it sounds fantastic.
    -Porsche crests headrests; adds a nice touch to the seats.
    -Sport exhaust, unless you plan on a Tubi or another
    aftermarket one. I'd probably stay w tih the PSE though. Adds an immeasurable pleasure level to the driving dynamic.
    -Sunroof for me, (It's standard in the states.) unless of course you're a hadrcore weekend track warrior, IMO.
    -Multi function wheel would be nice, but it's expensive.

    Re: Essential Options

    You can't go wrong with a 997, the only option I would consider "essential" is to make sure it's got a gas pedal, a brake pedal, AND A CLUTCH PEDAL....

    Re: Essential Options

    OK, options on my 'S' are:

    1) Sport Chrono
    2) Autodim mirrors
    3) TPMS
    4) Nav
    5) BOSE
    6) Phone
    7) Multifunction wheel
    8) Park Assist
    9) Sport seats
    10) (Cocoa) full leather interior
    11) Porsche mats

    Of those, I would say the best is the Nav (very quick system), the worst is the phone (I have pretty much given up using it).

    Of the others I would say SportChrono, TPMS, Park Assist and mats (quite good even if overpriced) are mandatory. The Sports seats are good - even the manual ones I have.

    Also for a car like this I really think you should go for as much leather as possible - so much classier than vinyl.

    The BOSE is good - not great, but good. And the multifunction steering wheel makes a lot of difference at high speed - much safer if you want to change music at 250+kmph! The autodim mirrors are similarly valuable for night driving - a good safety feature.

    Basically I'm very happy with all the options in my car apart from the phone - very expensive for such a poor system.

    I'm not sure I would have got the PSE - I get quite a bit of aural feedback in any case, especially above 5,000 RPM, and the extra volume can become tiring. But maybe that's just me.

    The only options I regret not getting are the -20mm suspension and the sports shifter. I plan to track the car after 1 or 2 years of use and both would have been helpful. Also although road feedback is good, I could always do with more. Now that my 'box has loosened up a bit, I find myself holding the stick nearer the base, so I will probably upgrade to the Sports Shifter in the near future.

    Hope this helps.


    Re: Essential Options

    interesting how your views change after 6 weeks & 3000 km from delivery ....... plus looking at driving in other 997's :

    Short shift - difficult to imagine a real 911 experience without this - and I do spend time in heavy traffic - the clutch is already imposing so the short shift adds little extra burden

    - 20mm I love the "no electronics" predictability of this and always looks great

    - Carrera Sport (XRR) wheels : in the flesh these are "wow" - I'm truly of the view that 10 spokes are the perfect 911 look (race'ish but still show off the brakes) -
    understandable why the GT3's go 10 spokes (the Turbo 5 spoke looks quite mass market BMW'ish in comparison)

    - Adaptive sports seats : very nice but would reconsider on another order

    - PSE : Hadn't realised at time of ordering how the "mod" was so essential to the "np hp gain" experience. I f ordering again would put the saving to a cargraphic or techart aftermarket installation

    - Sport Chrono : having now been in & driven cars with this, so glad I didn't order this ....... looks awful & the throttle gain software just blurs what is still are hard edged driving experience (tip : put foot down hard in non-sport chrono & tell me it's not enough ! )

    Re: Essential Options

    Great thanks to all.

    I had no idea I'd get so many detailed responses in less than 24 hrs - great board.

    Re: Essential Options

    This the most sensible Porsche forum with great reserves of info .........others i frequent are great for humour or "debating" but i like this for sensible answers to sensible questions

    Re: Essential Options

    I've just accepted an offer on an unregistered 997 C2S Cab immediately available.

    Spec is

    Manual Basalt black / Black hood / Black full leather


    19" sport design wheels
    Rear park assistance
    Leather sport seats
    Heated seats
    Embossed crests
    PCM Nav
    Telephone module
    Sports exhaust
    CAT 5 Porsche tracker

    Re: Essential Options

    devo said:
    -Sport chrono plus; it's not just a gimmick.
    -Auto dimming mirrors
    -Park assist
    -Sport shifter
    -Bose upgrade. I may not believe Bose makes the best stereos, however, for the money, it sounds fantastic.
    -Porsche crests headrests; adds a nice touch to the seats.
    -Sport exhaust, unless you plan on a Tubi or another
    aftermarket one. I'd probably stay w tih the PSE though. Adds an immeasurable pleasure level to the driving dynamic.
    -Sunroof for me, (It's standard in the states.) unless of course you're a hadrcore weekend track warrior, IMO.
    -Multi function wheel would be nice, but it's expensive.

    When I ordered mine the sunroof option was not available... nor the fixed antenna. Maybe now though?

    Re: Essential Options


    all such great options... but how about a 'pink panther' sticker on the hood



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