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    The wait continues...

    My car was built on 11th April. Dealer reckons today that it just arrived in Sheerness yesterday, so should be here 'by the end of the week'.

    I'm confused, because the last status I had on Friday was that it was 'on vessel' on Thursday. I know we had a bank holiday on Monday, but does it really take that long to cross the channel?

    It's going to have taken almost 4 weeks to get to the UK dealer after being built. Am I being unreasonable, or is that a long time?

    Re: The wait continues...

    I feel your pain. 4 weeks does seems a little long - I was quoted 10-12 days (don't know when it actually got there as I was then waiting for 1/3). Make sure you keep the pressure on the dealer to turn it around as quick as possible - we know they can do it when they try... and we're ready for the West Dorset meet!

    Re: The wait continues...

    Thanks Rich! I'm going MAD. I'll see what day it comes in - depending on the day, I may or may not be pushed for time. I'd rather they prepped it carefully than in a hurry (trying to get loads of other cars out the same day)... but I do want my baby... yesterday!

    So anyone up for a visit to the Dorset coast? I think it might be a bit more narrow and windy than the flats of Hampshire, but I'm sure I could find somewhere to go...

    Re: The wait continues...

    Just spoke to my OPC, and completion is 12th May. Due to me by 12th June. This is a worst case scenario and could be 2 weeks if it hits the right time slots for boats and transporters. They have promised me a 24 hour turn round, on receipt, if I am deperate. - sure am !

    Re: The wait continues...

    wtsnet said:
    So anyone up for a visit to the Dorset coast? I think it might be a bit more narrow and windy than the flats of Hampshire, but I'm sure I could find somewhere to go...

    You can count me in on the West Dorset version of the Hampshire bunny-run. Hope you can find a pub as good as the Malthouse

    Re: The wait continues...

    dreamcar said:
    Hope you can find a pub as good as the Malthouse

    A-ha! A challenge! I'll see what I can do...

    Would everyone prefer a bank holiday, or a non-bank holiday weekend?

    Re: The wait continues...

    I'm easy (oo-er!) although won't be about weekend of the 21st May .

    Can lend you the rabbit if you need help with planning though

    Re: The wait continues...

    wtsnet said:
    Would everyone prefer a bank holiday, or a non-bank holiday weekend?

    Whenever, I am away w/e 14/15 May and away last week of June / 1st week July.

    Re: The wait continues...

    Patience is the one true virtue.. wish I had some of it. Stay tuned WTSnet.. you'll get your baby and it will be love at first sight. Rumor has it Porsche takes so long to deliver because the sales guys cannot be persuaded to take their caressing hands of that gorgeous sand-colored interior.

    I'm in for West Dorset (that sounds a whole lot more interesting than a day spent in the romatic Chiswick roundabout). Sundays are generally best. We're busy on the last May weekend but haven't booked anything definite for other Sundays so far in May/June.

    Re: The wait continues...

    Ente said:... because the sales guys cannot be persuaded to take their caressing hands of that gorgeous sand-colored interior.

    Sales guys? Eugh! I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that image! Thanks a LOT!

    Will try to think about a route. I know it might be a long way for some, so could always organise a Saturday night stop-over at a rustic inn somewhere?

    I'll start a new thread nearer the time.

    Car is at dealers!

    Getting closer. Car is at the dealers, but they say I can't pick it up until Monday afternoon due to heavy workload. Hmmm. But I probably wouldn't be able to get down there today anyway, so I'm trying to be relaxed about it. And I'd rather they prepared it without rushing....

    Am I excited?...

    Re: Car is at dealers!

    Whatever you do on Monday, don't forget the camera

    Re: Car is at dealers!

    Ente said:don't forget the camera

    I wouldn't dare! Infact I might see if I can catch a glimpse tomorrow...

    Quick response Ente... I feel a little stalked!

    Re: Car is at dealers!

    Shhh, she's sleeping...

    Interior shot. Had to post-process a little to get some detail out of the shadows.

    Shhh, she's sleeping...

    Two-tone seal/white with aero wheels.
    Baby's got a scratch! Hope they can tweak it out in prep.

    Shhh, she's sleeping...

    Oh, and notice in the background... 3 seal Boxsters, all with hard tops, and one with sand interior....
    Like waiting for a bus... you wait ages and then three come along at once! Doh!

    Only mine's got a leather rear centre console too.

    Better shots on Monday...

    Re: Shhh, she's sleeping...

    Looks REAL GOOD wtsnet, really GREAT COMBO, waiting for more pictures

    Re: Shhh, she's sleeping...

    That looks the mutt's, wtsnet. Trying to imagine slate over sand (my spec) just got a little easier thanks to these pics!!

    My car was born on 12th April, the day after yours, and has STILL not left the port! My dealer is great and has kept me updated as to its (non-changing) status... has to leave any day now I'm sure.

    Re: Shhh, she's sleeping...

    Thanks... Slate will probably look even better! Sounds really nice. Unfortunately I couldn't justify the extra money for a special paint option. I look forward to YOUR pics.

    Re: Shhh, she's sleeping...

    wtsnet - now how unbearable are you going to be today...

    Re: Shhh, she's sleeping...

    How unbearable do you WANT me to be?
    Should I not post any photos then?

    Re: Shhh, she's sleeping...

    Can I start breathing yet?

    Re: Shhh, she's sleeping...

    Sorry to keep you all in suspenders..

    Didn't pick up the car until last thing yesterday so didn't get chance to post. Pics to follow, but... really pleased at the way the colour combo turned out. I was a bit worried, seeing it all wrapped in white, but it looks good. The slight tint of the glass makes the leather look a bit of an odd colour when you peer through the window, but inside it's lovely, especially with leather covered rear-centre console. Very tactile. Still has the hard top on at the moment until I get a baggie to put it in. Looks like it's very easy to scratch the paintwork with the securing spikes when mounting/dismounting the hardtop so am a bit nervous of that. However, good news is that my expectant father paranoia was unfounded - the 'scratch' I saw on Saturday was just residue left from the edge of some of the plastic shielding after it'd been removed. Polished right out. Had to try really hard to be gentle on the way home. Managed 28 mpg, which surprised me, especially straight out of the box. The PASM works really well - you really notice it on the roads around here. Haven't been too vigourous on the roundabouts yet - I'm still adjusting from Golf driving mode! Haven't set the Bose up properly yet. Didn't feel brave enough to fiddle with it too much on the road!

    And the sun is shining. I'm SURE 8 pints of milk isn't enough.... where's my keys?

    Home at last

    Early morning dew. BFP (Big Fat Pigeon, out of shot) eyeing up the target...

    Leather Centre Console


    Re: Leather Centre Console



    Last shot for a second... Hope you like!

    Re: Interior

    Looks great. I do like the leather covered centre console, much nicer than plastic! Finishes off the full leather brilliantly. Wasn't available when I specced mine Is that the "basic" sports steering wheel? I see you've specced PASM. That's two of us that thinks its worthwhile!

    Re: Interior

    Steering wheel is the 'Smooth Leather' one. ie, the one in the middle! (Not the basic, not the extra padded). Which one did you go for Dreamcar? PASM is definitely worth having I agree...though haven't had chance to test it out fully yet. Will report better in a couple of weeks.
    Gonna need surgery to remove the grin.



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