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    What does the board think about a GT2 vs 360?

    Love to hear what everyone has to say Which car would you pick?

    Re: You should ask Luigi?

    He used to own a beautiful black/black GT2 and now a Ferrari 360 Modena.. I test drove it for only 15 min, so I think he would be the one to tell you


    Check out my "brief GT2 vs Modena comparison" post on the Ferrari board.
    More to come soon.

    Nice pic, that GT2 looks a little familiar...

    Re: What does the board think about a GT2 vs 360?

    I really think it depends what you want, you have to set priorities. The 360 Modena is more stylish and might also appeal more to the emotional part.
    The GT2 is superior, performance-wise but might get a bit boring after some time over the german "perfection".

    I have to confess that I'd love to own both but right now I'm "stuck" with a 996 Turbo. Just kidding.

    Tell us more about you and your car background and maybe people could give you some valuable hint.

    Re: What does the board think about a GT2 vs 360?

    William, LG1, RC Thank you for the links and suggestion. As I have never owned a Ferrari in my life, I somehow often fascinate about owning one and really just wanted to hear how those who own both think, that's all. Don't get me wrong, I am extremely contend with what I have and cannot be happier. Well, I guess I can be happier if I can take my baby around the globe like FixedWing has....

    Re: LG,

    I bet you missed the GT2

    There are more pictures for you in the link, Frame it up

    Luigi - What did you think of GT2 vs. GT3 vs. Modena?

    Re: What does the board think about a GT2 vs 360?

    I had a spider which i drove before flipping for the money: azzura california blue, blue racing seats, blue everything. very attractive but too flashy, and too loud, can't even talk when drilling it. and much slower than a gt2, which i now own a seal grey/blk 2002. a real sports car, looks good but less flashy and highly amusing. check the times on nurburgring. gt2 way ahead, as is turbo, of the 360.

    Unless you track the GT2 your better off buying a C2

    and put a large wing on it. Most would not be able to tell the difference.

    The GT2 is not cable of being driven by the average driver let alone a pro. Its raw, beastly and somewhat unstable because of the lack of driver aids. One could not enjoy its power on public streets anymore than the power in the C2.

    The 360 is more stylish, appealing and fun to drive. The other day I had my 360 yellow Spider in a parking lot and a silver GT2 pulled in and parked nearby. In about five minutes several people assembled to look at one of the cars. The other one was TOTALLY IGNORED.

    Guess which one they waited to look at and admire. was a convertible.

    Re: Unless you track the GT2 your better off buying a C2

    Interesting analysis......but I couldn't disagree more. Do you really believe what you said?

    Re: Unless you track the GT2 your better off buying a C2

    I don't know about the US but over here in Europe, the GT2 gets a lot of attention and people usually know this car, even if some think it is a Turbo or GT3 sometimes.

    But I have to agree in one point: you have to be a good driver to be able to push the GT2 at it's limit and I already know two customers who sold it and went for a 996 Turbo instead. Better off with a C2 instead? You must be kidding.
    These are two completely different cars.

    People have to decide what they want when buying a car: style or performance. I guess Ferrari offers a perfect combo of both and Porsche should start putting more effort into the style department. But Porsche doesn't build ugly cars.
    I guess german cars always have had a slightly boring but also timeless design.
    Porsche is a bit trapped by their own tradition. If they restyle the 911 completely, customers might not buy it anymore.
    Ferrari doesn't have these problems, the F355 and F360 look completely different.

    Personally, I prefer performance over style. But maybe because I'm 37 old, married...with a child. I have different priorities and I don't care if that nice blonde in front of the discotheque likes my car or not.

    Re: Unless you track the GT2 your better off buying a C2

    I don't care if that nice blonde in front of the discotheque likes my car or not.
    What are you doing in that Discotheque in the first place

    Yes! Unless you are an outstanding driver and track it

    the car is a total waste. In a recent Excellence article an experience race driver who was furnished a GT2 for the Pikes Peak run by Porsche echoed what I wrote. He claimed it was not a car for public roads or average drivers.

    A C2 is more than enough car for me and most drivers. Why pay another $100,000 for a car you cannot handle, drive safely or experience its true nature? I have read 25% of the GT2's have been involved in major accidents.

    Yes I believe what I wrote.

    What I do at the Discotheque?

    Dancing with my wife, what else? Unfortunately we don't get such a chance to often.

    To Nick: why spending 100000 USD more on a car one cannot drive? Well...prestige. Looks cool if you drive a car like the GT2 and who the hell knows if you can drive it or not?

    It was a similar thing with the GT3 over here in Germany: a lot of customers bought it but never track raced it, despite the fact that they ordered the Clubsport version. I'm surprised to see that even on the Autobahn, where you don't need much driving skills but a heavy foot , Porsche but also different brand sports car drivers usually don't exceed speeds of around 200 kph. I hate it when such a dumb driver doesn't let me my ML55.

    I think he will kill me but I have to mention it: the owner of my Porsche dealership drove in his private GT3 at a speed of around 230 kph on the Autobahn when I got behind him (pure co-incidence) and wanted to pass him. He drove with 230 kph for about 10 minutes on the left lane and didn't want to let me pass. As I mentioned, I was in my ML55 AMG coming back from a trip in South France. When I told him about this little "incident", he didn't know what I was talking about. It seems he even didn't look in his rear view mirror...and I was driving with my headlights turned on.

    I'm not saying he can't drive but sometimes Porsche drivers (and other sports car drivers too) seem to be convinced that nobody can pass them. This really sucks.
    I'm sure he will read this but I already told him.

    Re: Yes! Unless you are an outstanding driver and track it

    Nick, I disagree with your statement about the GT2 being unstable.
    I used mine for a year, did almost 20000 kms and 8 track days with it, and I can assure you that it's not unstable.

    Sorry for answering so late.
    To put in the GT3 in the Modena vs GT2 comparison is tricky.
    The GT3 I would say is a little bit less quick than a 360 in a straight line (actually very little), it has very good traction like the GT2, it feels nimble almost like a 360 but it is less quick on turn in.All in all I think the GT3 is an extremely good car, but I have to agree with RC on the fact that it needs to be modified to really be effective on track.

    Thanks, Luigi! What mods would you make to GT3 for track?

    Re: Yes! Unless you are an outstanding driver and track it

    You are starting to sound like Ralph Nader....why would you want a C2, what a total waste, the speed limit in most of the US is 65 mph. I sure Mr. Nader will whole heartly agree.

    Re: Thanks, Luigi! What mods would you make to GT3 for track?

    First of all Grant you have to understand that one of the big advantages of the GT3 like the GT2 is that their suspension set up is highly adjustable.
    When you are taking delivery of the car you are running it with just a configuration chosen by the manufacturer, normally Porsche chooses a set up for street driving and for directional stability on fast long straights (autobahn), which makes the car safer but is bad for track driving.
    First thing to do would be changing the susp. set up according to your driving characteristics and the tracks you mostly will be driving at.
    A good point RC brought up concerning the GT3 is that the air channelled to the front discs is insufficient making it subject to fading under heavy track use, I would put carbofibre air tubs that channel the air directly into the front discs (I think Cargraphic sells some good ones), I would also do the usual pad and oil upgrade (Pagid and Castrol SRF).
    If you are really committed to track driving I would consider Rook's carbonfibre body parts, they are quite expensive but all of them together reduce the weight of the car by 100 kg.

    Grant it's very important to choose the right person to do the suspension set up work, I would preferably go to a good specialist who runs some GT3 Cup cars.

    I hope this helps, and feel free to ask if you have any question (even more technical) on the subject.

    Thanks again, Luigi! With the suspension mods, are you

    talking about changing components (shocks, springs, etc.) or just changing adjustable settings like ride height, negative camber of the alignment, etc.? What parts of the suspension are adjustable from the factory? They have coilovers w/ ride height adjustments, right? Are the shocks adjustable for compression/rebound?

    Thank you!

    Re: Thanks again, Luigi! With the suspension mods, are you

    I assume it's like my track car. The suspension allignment is for road use. As an example, the front camber on my car came set to 0.0 degrees. The track spec for the car is -1.8 degress, or more. I have a GT3 on order as well. When it arrives, I will take it to a local guy who races a GT3 (running Porsches for 17 years at the 24 hour Daytona race) and have him set it up for track use. If it is like my current track rat, it will be more unstable under heavy braking (heavy negative camber) but will be much faster in the corners...

    That being said, I am not an expert on the GT3s


    Luigi based on your car ownership I must assume

    you are an outstanding driver. Stability of a car is related to the ability of the driver. A car may be stable to you but I am willing to wager for 95% of the drivers it is unstable. Porsche equipped their cars with PSM for a reason. The GT2 does not have it.

    BTW, does anyone know whether it is true that 25% of the GT2 have been involved in major accidents?

    Re: Luigi based on your car ownership I must assume


    So I take it you are not talking about high speed straightline stability, because in this regard the GT2 is very planted unlike the GT3. As a matter of fact, downforce is very I not correct Luigi?

    Re: Luigi based on your car ownership I must assume

    that's the point, I think Nick is not really referring to stability when taking high speed corners or stability at high speeds on a straight line, what he is talking about I guess is the overall handling characteristic of the GT2.
    In my experience the downforce on the GT2 works extremely well, I can tell you that I had no problems doing more than 300kmh with -2.4 camber in front and -1.9 on the back!!! Now that is impressive...

    Nick: I wouldn't rate a driver's skill in proportion to the level of cars he is able to buy.I know a couple of Peugeot 106 Rally drivers that would give a couple of seconds a lap to many GT3 or GT2 drivers...
    BTW congratulations on your Tubi Style purchase, very nice move!(I have some surprises in store for the board in terms of such enhancements... )

    Well, we love surprises...don't we?



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