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    PDK/DSG/SMG real world reliability

    I wonder how servo-actuated clutch-driven manuals behave and wear under real-life tough driving conditions.

    Say on a long steep hill, with constant stop-and-go traffic. We all know how that is with a conventional manual, but there an experienced driver can manage clutch slippage and wear is kept to a minimum. A conventional torque-converter auto deals with that perfectly, as that situation is seamlessly dealt with by the hydraulics of the torque converter. But what about a servo-actuated clutch? How does it endure that stress?

    I'm starting to hear about early failures of BMW's SMG, but do not know the reasons.

    I welcome comments from Audi DSG drivers and BMW SMG drivers.

    Re: PDK/DSG/SMG real world reliability

    IMO, down hill is handled just fine because the thing rev matches probably better than a human.

    Put on brakes, throttle is lessened or gear is changed, engine always stays exactly proportional to driveshaft rpm (even DURING shifts) no problem.

    Any clutch wear in unusual circumstances is probably more than offset by clutch preservation during the routine, extremely fast and precise rev-matched shifts.

    I'm speaking from seat-of-pants experience with my 04M3. No advanced education on how SMG really works in detail.

    One thing's frightening though: I _believe_ repair costs to SMG can't be nominal.

    Re: PDK/DSG/SMG real world reliability

    When I wrote "on a long steep hill" it was implied uphill, NOT down hill, which can be mostly a brake not transmission issue.

    Re: PDK/DSG/SMG real world reliability

    ADias said:
    When I wrote "on a long steep hill" it was implied uphill, NOT down hill, which can be mostly a brake not transmission issue.

    Up a hill? Zero problems with my 04M3. Put it in drive and it will stay put at a standstill w/o brakes. Of course braking would be smartest and best. You can kinda feel the tranny relaxing (clutch disenguaging) when you put on the brake.

    Re: PDK/DSG/SMG real world reliability

    This is a coincidence for me, I need a refresher; which model Porsche cars received the Aisen transmissions and which models received untis from Getrag, and any other transmission manufacturer?

    - EDIT - Nevermind, I forgot about the old school 997 FAQ. For some reason I thought it disappeared.

    Re: PDK/DSG/SMG real world reliability

    The 997 manual is made by Aisin. The tip is by MBenz.

    Re: PDK/DSG/SMG real world reliability

    Thanks. Does the GT3 and RS cars use the Getrag units?



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