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    a/c and power....

    does the a/c turned on affect the power of car? cose some say the car is less powerfull when the a/c is on.

    Re: a/c and power....

    The A/C operates in an on/off manner--it doesn't have a rheostat to control it. Older cars sometimes had an "economy" setting for the A/C such that it would operate at two seperate output levels, but I haven't seen that in a while.

    A/C operates by connecting itself to the engine, running until it hits a certain temperature, then disconnecting from the engine until it gets a little warmer, then reconnecting to the engine, etc.

    When the A/C is actually connected to the engine, yes, it drains some power. On many cars you can feel and hear when the A/C is actually clutched--engine tone changes/extra fans kick in, etc.

    Now on most cars, if you put the pedal down or go over a certain RPM, the computer goes, "hey, this guy's really trying to move! He wants power! I'm going to disconnect the A/C until he mellows out again." I'm not sure what the set points are for these cars but I'm guessing it does something similar to that.

    So, the long-winded answer is "yes", mostly, but I don't think it would affect your acceleration when you really need it the most.

    Re: a/c and power....

    I never use AC, and the few times I have done so, I have never noticed any difference in power...

    Re: a/c and power....

    In 987 and 997, full throttle acceleration tells the computer to turn off the air conditioning compressor. So yes, there is a draw on power when running A/C, but if you're at the track you may as well leave the air conditioning on and be comfortable, because the car will behave as eslai states above.

    Confirmed this with instructors at PDE.

    Re: a/c and power....

    intheloop said:

    if you're at the track you may as well leave the air conditioning on and be comfortable, because the car will behave as eslai states above.

    Confirmed this with instructors at PDE.

    Most modern cars declutch the a/c compressor on WOT.

    OTOH, would you expect a PDE instructor who sits shotgun in muggy southern weather many hours a day at a driving school where the student's lap time wouldn't be much better with an extra 75 hp to say otherwise ? !



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