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    E91 M3 Wagon

    Here's something you dont see everyday

    Re: E91 M3 Wagon

     how did this work?  

    Re: E91 M3 Wagon

    Nice, i love it. That's not production though so someone put all M3 bits on this second chassis.

    Looks fantastic


    indeed shifting is ancient technology - so is a fuel burning engine..  I happen to like both :) 

    Re: E91 M3 Wagon

    Thats what I thought - someone took the bits over. But check the details. He even made spific M3 rear seats. Impressive work - seems he didnt forget any piece!

    Re: E91 M3 Wagon

    according to the owner

    Converted from a 2007 E91 318i m-sport auto transmission.

    - Donor car is an E90 M3 (and the E91 318is an mentioned)
    - Fenders were custom made by combining M3 E90 wheel arch with E91 quarter panel
    - Rear bumper is the M3 E90 spliced with the E91 M Sport

    Just having brackets and bells made for the 6 pot BBK's for the front(yellow) and touch up paint and she's finished.!!
    thx 4 lookin..

    More details:

    My car has M3 engine/gearbox (DCT), full suspension(now KW V3 Coilovers), driveshafts, cradles, exhaust, propshaft, loom (rear e91), front panels/lights, full interior (back of back seats taken off the e90 and retrimmed onto e91 seat). Back door panel the same but e90 doesn't have rear speakers so i fitted rear speakers (Pioneer.!! i know bad move).

    Took about 6 months (give or take a few weeks) = stripe e91, paint engine bay, fit engine/gearbox/running gear, electrics, paint again(everything), build complete car then programme ecu's/modules.....

    Difficult part of the build was rear quarters/rear bumper..

    If i built the car from scratch it would be documented.

    As for the CF roof, you don't get one on a E90 M3.!!!!!

    Hope this clears up a few things.

    it has been built over a year now, she needs a bit of paint(just striped the headlining/sunroof out and had the roof/spoiler done black & new roof rails), BBK'S for the front(as we speak) & programme the new CIC nav then shes finished...

    thanks again....

    btw, here is another insane touring


    Re: E91 M3 Wagon

     Thats some impressive work. 

    Re: E91 M3 Wagon

    Really like the idea of an M3 wagon. Pretty good detail work actually, judging by the consistency of the panel gaps.


    Re: E91 M3 Wagon

    IMO, 335d is a better touring car than an M3. Exceptional work though.



    11 M3 Coupe AW

    09 Audi TTS Coupe - 07 997 Carrera S - 05 M3 Coupe - 03 M3 Coupe - 96 M3 Coupe EVO (PASS TIME HISTORY)


    Re: E91 M3 Wagon

    hmmmm that V10... best BMW engine ever. I'm still one day going to put one in my e30 and build a total sleeper...



    indeed shifting is ancient technology - so is a fuel burning engine..  I happen to like both :) 

    Re: E91 M3 Wagon

    This is so impressive. I love that M5 engine in the 3series Touring. Isnt that great - so understatement!




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