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    We can't drive anymore...

    Dear all,
    My friend from MB just called me, from the police station
    He has been caught doing 180kmh flat, on board his Coupe Sport cdi, on the A5 to Paris, the motorway was EMPTY!
    The cops caught him with the laser goggles, they were hidden
    They caught him up, told him how crazy he was and that he was a public danger
    He is suspended on the spot and not allowed to drive home and the poor guy is stuck in the middle of nowhere calling friends to come and pick him up.
    I mean, this is such fu..... BS
    A public danger???
    The ONLY reason why they put radars on empty motorway is to make MONEY.
    I see crazy guys driving through the center of Paris every Week end between 80 and 100, now that's v. v. dangerous and they do nothing
    This is nonsense.
    It worries me and makes me ask myself questions, are we all potential dangerous people?
    what's the point of having a sport car?
    Man, the other day, when I was driving back the S600 to Paris, I saw 240kmh on the speedo, I'd go to jail for that!!!
    I'm just really confused now, and don't see the point anymore,
    everytime I'm gonna drive my car, I'll be scared of radars,
    I am a paranoiac now.
    F... gouvernment, they are not helping the system.
    If you drive through France, you have been warned,

    Re: We can't drive anymore...

    Wow, that's awful Fanch. I may be going to Paris from Feb. 16 to 21, and was thinking about renting a sports car and exploring the area. Haven't been to Paris since my honeymoon last June, and we kept pretty close to our hotel on the Left Bank so wanted to get out more this time. <img src="" alt="" />. Later, we rented a car and drove down to the Riviera at very fast speeds starting early in the morning with no traffic. I guess that will remain a distant memory never to be relived.

    Re: We can't drive anymore...

    Now this is really bad luck. On my way to and from Paris, I drove around 200 kph (125 mph) almost all the time and didn't encounter any problems. I did that with our family SUV.
    Around 100 kph before Paris, a guy in a small Peugeot with a blue flash light inside the car (under the front window) followed us, apparently this was somebody from the police.
    He lost us pretty fast.

    I actually don't like speeding when there is a speed limit and I have to confess that I usually respect speed limits. But in France (I have to agree with Francois), the highways are pretty empty sometimes and they go just straight. Driving 200 kph on a french highway is really no problem, especially because french drivers usually (this is at least my experience) let you pass and move to the right lane without hesitation (I wish german drivers would do that in Germany too ).
    I'm always in South France in the summertime and most people drive around 160 kph or slightly more on the highway (130 are legal). I also heard that french police loves to hunt down tourists, especially tourists with expensive cars. If you can't pay on the spot, they confiscate the car and let you walk home...OUCH.

    For me it is pretty weird driving in the US. I usually drive in our family SUV at speeds of around 125-150 mph on a two-lane Autobahn with lots of (wide) curves. I do 140-205 mph in my Turbo when I drive it, also on a two-lane Autobahn.
    Now imagine me on a US highway with 4 lanes, going straight for 10 miles and I have to drive 65 mph. I always get bored, my concentration sinks to a pretty low level and my eyes start to hurt. I can drive 3 hours on a german Autobahn at high speeds and I feel fresh. I drive 3 hours in the US at 65 mph and I feel like I didn't sleep the whole night. This is weird.

    On the other hand I saw so many nasty accidents in my life...I'd say that 50% of the drivers out there can't drive or shouldn't drive and I'm not kidding. So maybe the rules aren't that is bad that it is so hard to stick to them.

    Another thing (CR will "kill" me for that ): the age of the driver is very important, driving experience is a key factor. The age also has something to do with mental development, a 20-year old will always drive different than a 40-year old, even with the same driving experience (counted in driven mileage). I remember a few things regarding driving I did at age 20...even now I can't believe I did such stupid things.

    Now I shut up...

    Re: We can't drive anymore...

    Well you know John,
    there will always people driving down motorways at 200, 250 kmh in France and they will not get cought.
    You have to be responsible though
    I usually make sure the road is EMPTY, you never know what the average guy in his Renault Laguna is going to do when you pass him at twice the speed
    Like Christian said, my friend was really really unlucky and the law is the law.
    They used to be nicer but it has changed now with the new government.
    So to conclude, you can drive fast just like before but if you get caught, the consequences will be worse.
    France is the second country in Europe with the death toll on roads
    PS: Come back to France, it's not just the roads, you'll love it, wait for a few months though... Let the weather get warmer and don't pay attention to the dog's shits in Paris

    speeding in france...

    obviously french police is trying to play hardball on speeding drivers after such a high deathtoll last year. During the nineties it was quite common to do 200+ on the A4 between Paris and Metz.
    I just wonder what they are going to do about the harakiri-bikers on the perepherique who seem to have a lane of their own between 2nd and 3rd lane where they pass you at 180 while you creep at 80.

    Re: speeding in france...

    Now that would be a good spot to stop dangerous people, the Peripherique is Always crowded and dangerous and you're right Charly, bikers on their R1 and 998 just ignore the laws, shame.
    They should put patrols there, NOT on empty motorways

    Re: We can't drive anymore...

    RC, that was a hilarious description of your driving experiences in the U.S., unfortunately it's all too true Other than getting up early in the morning or going out late at night on back roads, I'm finding that I enjoy my car the most whenever I have to use its acceleration and handling to avoid driving errors and bad judgment by idiots on the highway.

    Fanch and Charly, I've grown to enjoy the cab ride from Charles de Gaulle Airport into downtown Paris because of the crazy motorcyclists who have near-death experiences every 5 minutes while weaving and in and out of traffic at ultra-fast speeds. Same experience in and around Rome, Italy. Nothing like that here in the U.S.

    Re: We can't drive anymore...

    sorry to hear about your was really bad luck!!

    Take me for example. I spent a lot of time in France's motorways as I used to drive my car from Milan to London and back through France and as I have a house in South of France (from Milan and back). I did both many many times and I have never, never saw a police car hidden to laser fast cars!!
    And Fanch, you know that especially the very last part of the highway to Calais is LOVELY (no traffic, almost all straight, excellent visibility for miles in front)... I prefer not to give you any reference of what I did in this part (maybe someone is spying at us??) but was seriously fast driving.

    But this is life. Police is looking for more and more money from us and especially in France law against speeding is becoming very serious matter, no joking any more!!!

    I am currently fighting with Italian Police for a speeding ticket on the motorway...they want to take my licence away for 1 month...

    Anyway, this is life!! Now, I am only having real fun during track day, where there is still someone mesuring my speed but to know what was my time on the last lap...


    Re: We can't drive anymore...

    Terrible luck, I'm sorry to have heard of it. In California, new laws were initiated from the onset of this year, which would allow officers to take into custody the driver of a vehicle and impound his/her vehicle for much less of an offense than before.

    My Valentine One warned me early just this morning, as I was traveling at a rate no less than 100 mph (160+ kph) when it gave warning. It was on a barren freeway where typical fast lane speeds are around 80 mph when occupied. But to think, I could have my car impounded for such an offense is terrible.

    I suppose even the government is convincing me to take it to the track <img src="" alt="" />



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