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    TT extra electronics...

    I took delivery of my TT a few weeks ago (after losing patience waiting for PDK), and added Tookie SAT and Blutooth, and K40.

    Here's what I think so far: the SAT and BluT are pretty slick, but not foolproof. It appears that sometimes the car doesn't make a good "handshake" with the Tookie, and either the SAT or the phone doesn't work. A restart always seems to fix it.

    I have now made it my standard daily procedure to turn off the PCM before turning off the car, and then waiting a minute before turning the thing on when I restart the car.

    This seems to work--tho' it hasn't been long enough to really know. I'm guessing that there is a power glitch on starting with everything on that causes the connection to drop.

    On the K40. It's a very neat installation--which I do care about--but the range doesn't seem as good as my old V1. I've done some testing running with both, and the V1 seems to have the edge. Not by a ton, but noticeable. I guess it is because the V1 is mounted higher and gets a better "look" at things. Again, I don't have enough run time to 100% know.

    If anyone has more detailed questions about these gizmo's, let me know.


    PS. The car itself is great.

    Re: TT extra electronics...

    I don't think any of the aftermarket stuff really meshes well with the pcm, like trying to install an AM radio in a F18, will work, but not great.

    Re: TT extra electronics...

    watched alot of this stuff come and go, most seem to cause glitches with the system from what I read.last thing I want is to second quess a no start in my 140k car...
    I would leave it alone, hard wire my v1..done.

    Re: TT extra electronics...

    I've installed the Dension GW500 and Tooki in mine without incident. Both works beautifully for me. I'm not sure why some of you guys are second guessing yourselves thinking that it won't work.

    FYI, the Tooki uses the OEM phone module modified to accept Bluetooth signals so it is guaranteed to work. The big question mark however will be whether it's compatible with your BT phone or not. It works great with my Blackberry 8300 though.

    Re: TT extra electronics...

    My local Dealer (Champion in Pompano Beach, Fl.- fifteen minutes from Nav-TV) had stressed to me that they are seeing many problems with Tooki, nav TV electronics and have had many cars come back with all sorts of issue. that said i voted against it. What I did was ordered another cell phone and put the sim card in that dash and it works like a charm. hands free phone, just not the same number as my blackjack. people who matter know both numbers and i call from the car system whenever i am in the car with no issues whatsoever. satellite radio is another issue. i can live without it in this car.

    Re: TT extra electronics...

    Rick, did they say what sort of problems they're seeing? Like I said before, the Tooki _uses_ the Porsche OEM phone module which guarantees that it WILL work. I found the solution of getting another sim card/contract to be a bit cumbersome. I'd rather have ONE number accessible from all. Larry (Over the Hill) currently has the 2 sim card setup in his too.

    Re: TT extra electronics...

    They didnt get specific, just that there were many call backs, glitches, etc. I am going to call them for an update because i want these in my car. Maybe your guy should do the install!! anyone want to fly to south Florida??

    Re: TT extra electronics...

    For what its worth, the handshake issue seems to have been fixed with a "clean boot" approach on starting the car. This is OK with me. The SAT's other issue is sometimes the stations don't refresh properly--and my dealer claims there is a software issue at the SAT end which has a fix in the works. I keep everyone posted.

    On the phone front, I need to do some testing, bc I'm not sure it isn't an iphone issue. I am using an Iphone, and have not tested it with a different phone. I'll get to it and let people know. Otherwise the interface to the PCM of the phone is completely seamless--the PCM sees the phone as if was native.



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