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    360 at the Nuburgring

    I was wondering if Ferrari had ever officially timed the 360 Modena around the Nuburgring Northen Loop anf id yes, what was its time?
    Did it manage to break the 8 minutes barrier?
    Actually, I'm pretty curious about all ferrari times (F50, F40, 355, etc.)

    Re: 360 at the Nuburgring

    François, you can compare various cars' times at the Nürburgring and Hockenheim on
    The 360 is said to lap the N'ring in 8'09.


    Re: 360 at the Nuburgring

    and what about the porsche 996 turbo?

    7.53 minutes

    The turbo is quicker than the Modena in every aspects.
    Please note, I wrote quicker, NOT better!

    Re: 360 at the Nuburgring

    In reply to:
    and what about the porsche 996 turbo?

    13 seconds faster than the 360 Modena. 7 seconds faster than the GT3. Always same driver, Horst v. Saurma. :grin

    With the powerkit Turbo from the current Auto, Motor und Sport, the 996 Turbo would have beaten even the GT2.
    Today I heard a rumor that this car had minimum 500 HP. Hallelujah, why doesn't offer Porsche this kind of power on all 996 Turbos?!

    Re: 360 at the Nuburgring

    WOW, with the powerkit faster than the GT2.

    is there anything wrong? if you trust the facts the GT2 should be faster than the powerkit-turbo.
    and yes it is horst von saurma always but you don't think it depends on weather temperature and all these criterions?
    i'd say yes. i read a lot of the sportauto articles but in the last time i did not. maybe i should begin to read it again.

    Re: 360 at the Nuburgring

    From what I know, the 996 Turbo with powerkit is usually at slightly below 14 seconds from 0-200 kph. The real advantage of the powerkit is over 200 kph, especially when the advantage of the shorter 6th gear shows up.

    The 996 Turbo with 450 PS powerkit did 0-200 kph in 12.4 seconds in the AMS test. The GT2 did 0-200 kph in 12.4 seconds too. A car with 100 kg less weight and officially 12 HP more. Tuned 996 Turbos with around 520 HP do the 0-200 kph time in around the same time. Any more questions?

    I think Porsche was fed up with AMG's tactics of "well going" testcars. So they did what they have to do and I applause them for that. Now if somebody really believes that the 996 Turbo Powerkit does 0-200 kph in 12.4, he can't be serious.
    But the truth is: I know at least two powerkit drivers who claim they can keep up with the GT2. Well, I outrun them easily...can't be true.

    Re: 360 at the Nuburgring

    What are you hidind RC horses
    O bet you turbo is mean


    Re: 360 at the Nuburgring

    Every man needs a little secret, right?!

    Re: quicker

    As a Ferrari guy once told me "it has to be faster it's

    Re: 360 at the Nuburgring

    i understand, but don't you think it is unfair to customers? now people think: "hey cool, we also can outrun the murcielago with the powerkit-turbo", but it is not true if you believe the true facts.

    i think they should make realistic tests with a "simple" care, maybe also taken from a porsche store! i don't know how to say it in english but in german it is: stichprobenartige auswahl!!!!

    Re: 7.53 minutes

    There was a very nice article on road and track some months ago that included the 360 and 996 TT.
    They wanted to determine which was the best car for road and for track use.
    They included the speeds carried at various points in many different bends by the cars, and the 996 TT was far from being quicker in every aspect.
    Actually the Modena won this comparative test, which included many high perf. cars.
    I'll try to find the mag and maybe scan it.

    There is no question that the 996 TT has an advantage in straight line performance, and is by far the easiest to handle of the two.For a beginner, there is no question , the TT would make it possible to achieve decent lap times, with minimum effort.
    But the 360 is more entertaining and challenging to drive at the limit, and in the right hands as effective.

    Re: 7.53 minutes

    Hello Luigi,
    I agree with all you said.
    For a beginner, the Turbo is better.
    But I think that with the same experienced driver, the Turbo is still quickest around a track. That still doesn't make it BETTER though
    The Ferrari is more demanding in terms of skills,
    But I am quite convinced that if for exemple, YOU were to drive both around Monza, You'd be faster in the Porsche but you may get a bigger grin from the Ferrari

    Looking forward to read this article!

    Thanks Luigi!

    Re: 7.53 minutes

    Actually you are right François, around a very fast track like Monza the TT would inevitably be slightly quicker.
    But on a very twisty and technical track like Mugello or the one I just returned from: Rieka, the two would be very evenly matched.I know this because I drove myself the two cars back to back at Mugello while other people were taking lap times and the times were practically the same.
    The way they were obtained though was completely different, I'll let you guess which one produced the biggest grin on my face .

    They are just very different in character, to each his own...
    Also, the turbo has the added bonus of being a very good platform for tuning, which the Modena absolutely isn't.



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