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    discounts on 997 turbo

    I am about to place an order for a new 997 Turbo cab. I would like to hear if anyone has paid below retail? I bought my first 997 cab about 2 years ago and got a 8% discount. What should I expect on the turbo cab?


    Re: discounts on 997 turbo

    Wish I could, but I will be paying full MSRP on mine getting built in February. There is a wait list for the 8 pre-sold slots at my dealer.

    Re: discounts on 997 turbo

    I'd be VERY surprised if you did manage to get a discount on a Turbo cab especially in light of their high demand this year.

    Re: discounts on 997 turbo

    did you get your 996 TT cab when it was just released with the 8% or like a year later? thats a big difference discount wise.
    I highly doubt they'll give any discounts or even throw in free options unless its like your 5th porsche at that same dealer or something. fingers crossed though!

    Re: discounts on 997 turbo

    Very unlikely in CA at least. I know that you can ge $10K off of 2007 997's at Pacific Porsche.

    Re: discounts on 997 turbo

    If I understood this right there's ZERO chance of any discount on a pre-existing new Turbo (and even less than zero on an ordered one). Dealers use ones on their lot to TRADE with other dealers in order to satisfy customers' preferences for Turbos.

    IOW, if a customer wants to buy a better-personally-specd turbo off the lot somewhere else, that customer's dealer MUST have a Turbo to trade in exchange for it.

    Also, Turbos are very easy to sell compared to regular Porsches. They are the flagship model ("best of the best") and attract buyers with big cash reserves. A guy with $140K to spend is kinda different behaviorally, he just wants the damn car at MSRP and doesn't want to haggle.

    Re: discounts on 997 turbo

    I negotiated $4000 off MSRP on my Turbo cab that I took delivery of a month ago. I am in the midwest where there is most likely less demand than on the coasts. Someone posted a $5000 discount on one of the other forums

    Re: discounts on 997 turbo

    I just realized where I got most of my info from in my post above: my TT sales guy! HAHAHA!

    Anyway here's useful info from Motor Trend (reposted):

    Re: discounts on 997 turbo

    I would have thought that with the 09 facelift just around the corner that more deals would be out there to be had. I have 2 dealers here in Dallas, and both have over 5 turbos each sitting on the lot for the past month.

    Re: discounts on 997 turbo

    jeffk68 said:
    I have 2 dealers here in Dallas, and both have over 5 turbos each sitting on the lot for the past month.

    Uh..., went to Park Place website and the eight other Porsche dealers in TX and _not_one_ has any new TTs listed in their inventory.

    Must be used cars? No. Checked there too: just one TT cab at Premier Dealer PPlace.

    What gives?

    Re: discounts on 997 turbo

    You may want to look again....Here is a link to Boardwalk. This list does not include others on there lot as of last week. Count with me...I see 6 Turbo cab's ....4 Turbo coupes & 1 GT3.

    Re: discounts on 997 turbo

    Weird. I Again went to Boardwalk Porsche in Plano TX official website and they have _zero_ new _ Turbos. here's link.

    Used vs. new? The cars listed on Ebay link you provided, are they all used? I just checked a few.

    I'm probably jumping ahead a few steps: It's like the car world is filled with BSers. The dealers can say anything they want and somehow not consider it lying.

    Nothing personal Jeff, I'm just curious how things work. These _new_ turbos that Boardwalk supposedly has: maybe they're in several different states at several different dealers.

    I know dealers will list cars that they do not have yet, many times they are cars that are merely allocations and already spoken for.

    Re: discounts on 997 turbo

    On their pre-owned, they list 9 turbo coupes and 2 turbo cabs (2007's and 2008's), only one with more than a thousand miles.

    Re: discounts on 997 turbo

    I did a quick check of Newport Auto Center and they have no turbo's, new or used. It confirmed what I saw personally when I was there last week. They are sold out allocation-wise also for the year. Maybe Plano should ship some turbos to Southern California.

    Actually, there was one guards red 2008 turbo that the owner cancelled on. I had a chance to pick it up as it was getting prepped for sale. It was tempting, but I passed. I wanted blk/blk and PCCB's. I suspect that vehicle was sold immediately the next day. The turbos move quickly here in Southern California.

    Re: discounts on 997 turbo

    SoCal Alan said:
    I suspect that vehicle was sold immediately the next day

    Yes, I'm sure it did! The "typical" buyer (not us here ) for Turbos has the different mindset that comes with more cash to burn.

    Like Seinfeld's George Costanza BSing about his financial status, "We see things of beauty and simply must have them."

    Re: discounts on 997 turbo

    Reminds me of my favourite Willy Rushton quote....

    "A thing of beauty is a joy for a fortnight"

    Re: discounts on 997 turbo

    All the ones listed on Ebay are used. I drove 2 of them there last week. One had 70 miles and the other had 600. All of them seem to be less than 1000 miles.

    I am the wrong guy to ask as to how they work, yet I know from being at the lot that you have your choice of whatever color you want.

    You may now be able to see why I have trouble understanding why they are not offering discounts. From the responses on here it does sound like Dallas may be the exception to the rule.



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