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    Tire valve stem enhancement for PARO*

    Here is a rainy day project to enhance your Porsche's wheels.

    Many folks have the "Decorative Cap" valve stem caps (P/N 00004460000, $14.95/set) on their cars. This cap features an embossed Porsche crest on the top.

    I think there are are 2 short comings to the cap, the inability to see the crest, and how to line up the crest with the wheel.

    Here is a quick and easy way to solve both problems.

    To make the crest more visible, highlight the crest with a black (or your favorite color) permanent marker. Color over the crest, and let it dry.

    Next take some 3M General Purpose Adhesive Remover and wet a paper towel with just a little. Let it almost evaporate on the paper, then gently rub off the excess marker until just the marker on the embossed part remains. If you rub too much off, just reapply the marker, and try again. You will end up with something like this.

    Repeat to the other 3 caps, and there you have it.

    Now, when you screw on the cap, how do you get it lined up with the center cap crest? Screw on the cap snugly and see how far off the cap is from being centered. Remove the cap, and firmly grab the rubber valve stem and simply twist it to get its threads lined up. You may need to use a pair of pliers to twist it. Remember, the valve stem is just pushed in the wheel, and will rotate easily with no danger of damaging the wheel, stem, or inducing a leak.

    When you get it lined up, it will look like this:

    Last step is to hope to heck that some kid with Porsche valve stem envy, does not steal your valve caps!

    Porsche Anal Retentive Owners

    Re: Tire valve stem enhancement for PARO*

    Sounds lovely - wish I could do the same - unfortunately when you order code 482 TPMS (RDK), you can't use the Tequipment 997 crested valve caps.

    BTW, I heard that with effect from MY2007, it is possible that TPMS may become standard specification so the days of the crested valve caps may be numbered!

    I heard that 70% of new cars in MY2007 will have to have TPMS and 100% of new cars from MY2008.

    Perhaps somebody else here with more accurate, reliable information than me could help clarify this.

    Re: Tire valve stem enhancement for PARO*

    From a post of mine from a few weeks back in another thread:

    "Re TPMS: NHTSA requires tire pressure monitoring with the passage of the TREAD Act of 2000. To quote some of the language, the rule allows for a phase-in schedule, with systems required to be installed in 20 percent of model year 2006 vehicles, 70 percent of model year 2007 vehicles and all model year 2008 vehicles." This applies to all manufacturers and cars for sale in the US.

    I am sure that Porsche will develop a valve stem cab with the crest for TPMS cars, so not to worry...



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