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    Porsche Driving School

    Someone I know just got a 996 GT3 and I'd like him to take a driving school to learn how to better control the car for safer driving. Can someone please recommend a driving school or course in Southern California Prefebly or nearby.

    Re: Porsche Driving School

    I did the Porsche PDE at Barber Motorsport Park in Alabama and it was a great experience, learned allot, well worth the expense and the pain of traveling there.

    Re: Porsche Driving School

    Hi I did the same in Magny-Cours France. I did the three day program and its very good. If you dont mind the expence then use their car as you dont want to use your car like this.....

    Re: Porsche Driving School

    Two days at the
    Porsche Driving Experience (PDE)

    PDE - Click Here

    The best investment in better driving that can be made!!

    Re: Porsche Driving School

    Check with one of the local PCA (Porsche Club of America) Regions (there are multiple ones in Southern California) and see if they have any DE's scheduled locally.

    Re: Porsche Driving School

    thanks for the feedback

    Re: Porsche Driving School

    If you hear of any in Southern California, please post - thanks!

    Re: Porsche Driving School

    PDE or PSE? If you had the choice to attend the 2-day PDE at Barber Motorsports or installing PSE on your P-car, which would you choose (assuming you had only $3000 to spend which is the approx. cost of both).

    Re: Porsche Driving School

    I would have to go with PDE!

    You will learn skills that will stay with you for the rest of your driving days, and be a better, safer driver.

    You will pilot the 997 on the most beautiful racetrack in America. Its a hoot...Its a rollercoaster.

    You will do Hotlaps with an instructor and be totally amazed how capable the 997 is in stock trim.

    PSE just adds varoom. Same car, no more power
    PDE gives you the skills to get more out of the car you drive.

    My vote is for PDE.
    You will not regret the decision to attend.

    Below is a link that has some videos I've done at PDE...track tour, skidpad, hotlaps...have a look around...ENJOY!
    PDE VIDEOS Click Here

    Re: Porsche Driving School

    Last Winter I attended the two day PDE in Birmingham and found it to be loads of fun and plan to return to Maters next Spring simply for the fun factor but if you really want to learn how to drive your GT3 and get the very most out of it (on the track of course) I would recommend a full fledged racing school like those offered by Bob Bondurant, Skip Barber, Mario Andretti, Jim Russell etc.

    Like I said, PDE is loads of fun (and also informative) but by and large not structured (or competitive enough) to push you to your limits on the race track as timing laps on the race track is not allowed.

    On the first day of PDE at the introduction meeting, Jeff Purner told us that by the end of day 2 we would all get to drive as fast as we wanted on the race track. In my case that was not the reality as I was always being held up by the instructor leading our group. Towards the end of day 2 after complaining about being held up and not getting to drive as fast as I wanted I was allowed to follow (chase) an instructor (Joe Fox) around the track in a 997S with PCCB's for approximately 15 laps and even then he was braking too early going into many of the turns, particularly turns 5 and 7. After our little outing Joe told me we were close to the limit of what the car and tires would do but when I commented that he was still braking too early going into a number of turns his retort was that he didn't want to see me go off into the pea gravel. Be that as it may but I would have liked to have gone faster and been allowed to go deeper into the turns before braking.

    As previously mentioned PDE does not allow timing laps on the race track, but only on the autocross (where I turned in the fastest lap in our class of 30) and skid pad. If you really want to go fast and get to drive the car on the ragged edge, go where all the cars have a full roll cage, five point safety harness, fire extinguisher, all drivers wear a full racing suit and full coverage helmet and the laps on the race track are timed.



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