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    US homologation for F430?

    I am to receive my F430 spyder in early 2006, yet I might be moving to the US, thus inquiring on procedure to export my F430 to the US. Any ideas on taxes, homologation, any difficulties. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

    Re: US homologation for F430?

    you will likely need new exhuast system, catalytic converters, new door reinforcements, new bumpers, etc etc

    the list goes on, try searching for what people had to do to the 360

    Re: US homologation for F430?

    thanks for your reply. I will do as mentioned.

    Re: US homologation for F430?

    I think you are allowed a one-time pass to import a Euro car that you already own when you move (without needing mods). This may have changed, but see what you can learn...

    Re: US homologation for F430?

    It's a nightmare....
    I had a Euro 360 (UK registered, but LHD) that I brought to LA with me.
    You are allowed to import the car for 12 months (as long as you aren't a resident etc) without doing any mods...I got stopped a lot by the cops. So keep all your import docs in the glovebox
    The price to convert the car was @$25,000...Some people will tell you it's 15-18k...but it is considerably more than that when you factor in the bond you have to pay, and CA has an additional 2k smog test
    I didn't do it because :-
    Could never get a straight answer as to the exact work to be performed
    saw some "converted" 360's and they looked butchered
    Kiss your Ferrari warranty goodbye!!! Ferrari won't honor ANY warranty items & the dealer won't warrant the work they perform on your car (that means you'll pay for warranty work, and it won't be warranted..if you get what I mean)

    IF you bring over the car as a temp import (ie the 12 month rule) Ferrari will honour the warranty during that period. Basically, Ferrari are trying to stop grey importing (not temp importation)
    If you try and sell the car in the US, there is an entirely different price point for Euro Ferraris (you can't sell a temp import vehicle, so it would need to be converted)

    I ended up shipping the car back to Europe after the 12 months and selling it
    If you bring it in under a temp import, & want the warranty honored, tell your original dealer, and they will inform Ferrari, then when you get to the US, contact Ferarri NA and inform them (they'll request some documentation)

    If you plan on staying in the US, I would suggest, you really try and order the vehicle as a US spec car



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