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    997,Turbo cab,4S cab,Gt3........

    Hi guys

    I read all days this forum,but i post a few becouse of my english and time.....

    But now we are near the end of the year and there are a lot of rumors for year 2003...but which are true and which not????

    We wait the Gt3..and this i think is true....near spring..based on the current 996

    We wait also the Turbo and 4S cab..also Porsche Italy said this...but there is in plan also the 997(that is the second restyling of the 996) due to present as MY2004 or My2005(i hope 2005 )
    so,the Turbo cab and 4S cab will be based on the 996 or 997???

    My fear is that the 997 will be presented as MY2004 and the restyling with the round headlights take also the Turbo and 4S models with the announcement of the cab versions.....

    What do you think???

    The only good news is that the Aerokit II is available from MY2003 and i don't think that is on sale only for one Model Year becouse sure that on the 997 the Aerokit will be different..this can tell that the 997 is on sale an year later..

    There is also in plan to product a sport exhaust for the turbo with switches,Porsche Italy said in the next 6/9 months....

    What do you think of all this????

    This morning i've strange ideas


    Turbo sport exhaust

    Hello Dario,
    That rumor about the turbo sport exhaust is indeed very very interesting
    But does it come from your dealer or Porsche Italy?
    That does make a difference in terms of credibility.
    I never understood why PAG never realeased a sport exhaust for the Turbo?
    My dealer just installed for a client the Tubi for the Turbo, he says it's amazing, really really loud (almost too loud?) apparently, gain of 25 hp as well. TBC though IMO.
    As for the rest, I think you raised a very good point, if PAG is about to do a third facelift on the 996, will the C4S and Turbo cab be concerned? In which case, that will delay their release?
    I think not. Look out for the Detroit show

    Re: Turbo sport exhaust

    Fanch..for the exhaust the notice came frome Porsche Italy! ...all notices i said in that post came from Porsche dealer count ZERO .....

    Re: 997,Turbo cab,4S cab,Gt3........


    yeah you're right-- i missed your postings already. in the days when you anticipated the delivery of your turbo, you posted "i can't wait to get the car" nearly every 10 minutes

    so please get back posting more regulary and let us all know about your experiences!!

    regarding your concerns...

    i do not think that the 997 will see the light of day before MY 2005 -- although the car's development seems to be nearly finished. i suppose that it'll appear on shows and preview articles in spring 2004 and will be officially sold after the porsche factory summer holidays in august/september 2004.

    but... the 997 development seems to be ready for the road... so maybe if the carrera sales are dropping dramatically, porsche will react and bring out the 997 earlier. but IMO it wouldn't be wise. the early 996 facelift has already damaged the resale value... and a 997 wouldn't do any better.

    but with the 997 in mind i really do not understand why porsche did the 996 facelift at all. maybe they were afraid about the merc SL's launch and overreacted

    regarding the TT... i do not think that there will be a big facelift. maybe a slight power increase, maybe some style changes in the air intakes. IMO a 997 turbo will appear earliest one year after the introduction of the 997 carrera.

    regards; zz

    Re: 997,Turbo cab,4S cab,Gt3........

    In reply to:
    i do not think that the 997 will see the light of day before MY 2005

    This is also what I heard from my dealer. Nothing official, of course, but it seems to be the plan.


    Re: 997,Turbo cab,4S cab,Gt3........


    My Experience with the turbo...hmmmmm,now i've 4300km on it and next sunday i'm in an Airport which there is a straight line of 2000m then a skittle ,and you must turn after the skittle and return to the start...all at full throttle!!

    My friend with a Gt3 said from 0 to 1700 meters he is at 294Km/h,i think with my turbo to be at 300 km/h at 1700m....
    i think that i must put my foot on the brake 250 m before the skittle....what do you think??i can brake my car for turn out???

    Monday i tell you my experience

    For the rest,the Turbo is a GREAT car and i don't whant that Porsche make a restyling on it!!!

    And than,when the Original Sport Exhaust comes out i'll buy!!!


    Re: 997,Turbo cab,4S cab,Gt3........

    Good to hear from you again Dario.

    In reply to:
    There is also in plan to product a sport exhaust for the turbo with switches,Porsche Italy said in the next 6/9 months....

    Regarding your statement above, I hope the sports exhaust can be install after market because I thought 2003 is the last year that Turbo 996 model would be produced. May be they decided to go longer who knows.

    Re: 997,Turbo cab,4S cab,Gt3........


    Why you think 2003 is the last year for the 996 turbo production??

    Re: 997,Turbo cab,4S cab,Gt3........

    That's what I heard from the dealer and some users on this board that 2003 would be the last 996 Turbo production until the next Gen. turbo around '07/'08.
    But I clearly remember my dealer told me '03 is the last year but again not all of them are very informative sales guys.

    Re: 997,Turbo cab,4S cab,Gt3........

    if is like you GOOOOOD!! becouse the value of our cars doesn't fall down....

    But i don't think is reality...becouse Porsche whant to sell car..and the Turbo is a good sellers for Porsche...

    If the 997 will be a totally new car...the turbo arrives after 2 years of the production start,but if the 997 is a "restyling" of the 996 is most realiable that the turbo take part of the restyling....and this is the worst thing that can come!!!!

    The time tell us......


    Re: 997,Turbo cab,4S cab,Gt3........

    i can not imagine that porsche will suspend the turbo's production completely -- IMO it's the most profitable car in porsche history, the demand is higher than the production capacity and the convertible hasn't even arrived yet.

    i know that they stopped production of the 993 TT in 98 when the 996 TT was still years years away... but they won't do it again i suppose. only my guess, though.

    cheers; zz

    Re: 997,Turbo cab,4S cab,Gt3........

    The turbo last year of prod will be te SAME year as the 996 last year of prod, it's always been like that at PAG.
    There has always been a gap of about a year or more with no turbo in the line up.
    So, the 997 will come out, and a year or two after, the 997 turbo will be presented, meanwhile, no turbo.
    As for the last year of the 996 well, we are all guessing aren't we?
    I'd say 2004 or maybe 2005.

    996 Turbo - MY 2003 last one? Nope.

    996 Turbo production will end when 996 production ends. It is even possible that Porsche will build the 996 Turbo even longer until the next Turbo shows up.

    My dealer offered me today to order a 996 Turbo Cabriolet, so it is not far away. Spring 2003 should be the date, design should be the same as on the current Turbo Coupe. Relax, Dario.

    Regarding the sport exhaust for the Turbo: there are some rumors but I don't have anything firm. It seems that building a sport exhaust with switch for the Turbo is a difficult task without compromising power output/boost pressure.
    I'm not sure we'll see a sport exhaust for the Turbo any time soon, maybe around MY 2004. But hey...I'm not working for Porsche so maybe...

    Re: 996 Turbo - MY 2003 last one? Nope.

    Thanks i can go bed...and sleep!!!

    But...why don't you work for Porsche????

    You can tell us all news and we are happy!!!


    Re: 996 Turbo - MY 2003 last one? Nope.

    In reply to:
    996 Turbo production will end when 996 production ends. It is even possible that Porsche will build the 996 Turbo even longer until the next Turbo shows up.

    stopping would be the usual porsche behaviour when changing a model line... but it's pretty sure that the 996 turbo convertible is coming next year and that the 997 carrera is coming up in 2004 latest-- wiedeking is so controlling-driven that i really doubt that porsche introduces a complete new model (TT convertible) and is just going to sell it for one year. so i suppose that the 996 TT's production will carry on -- even if the carrera will be a 997 -- OR -- which may even be possible: the TT get's a facelift, the new 997 interieur, some minor chassis modifications and they call it 997 turbo. but they won't stop the production. i really can't imagine this. the demand's too high.



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