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    Re: Time for a new car.... what will it be....?

    yeah, I prefer brand new if possible.

    they had  2 C63 the day I book my test drive, then the day b4 my TD, both were sold..... now I have to wait another 2wks for a drive...

    and the C63 doesnt fall into any promotion that MB has at the mo... but thats to be expected. especially when no one can get a newly specced car until July.

    apparently the Merc factory was closed longer than expected after Xmas. cos of the poor worldwide sales I guess.

    reliability is utmost important cos its my daily drive to work.  buying second-hand is just too risky for me.  I know i will get burnt with depreciation, but its just me. 

    even houses I prefer brand new... just the thought of using a someone else bathroom freaks me out....


    but then again, I can prob get a 07 997.1 for the price......

    if any Melbournians find a new C63 for sale in a dealer. pls let me know!

    Re: Time for a new car.... what will it be....?

    firstly.  C63 ordered!    (applause!)

    delivery next month.  they managed to find me a car in stock with all optioned included, keyless go+ rear blinds. (no LSD)


    now my (brief) test drive impressions:


    Firstly, its no Porsche.

    steering is feather light in comparison, lacks the ultimate precision i am used to.  in my Boxster, i can feel EVERYTHING under my wheels (both r 18"). with the Merc, it just feels like driving a regular C-Class/3 series. 

    But I kinda expected that anyway in a sports saloon.


    Handling:  great for a sport saloon.  sharp turn-in, great grip under power out of corners (ESP on of course).  can feel the rears struggling for grip and gives me plenty of warning before they slip.  which for a non-racing driver like me, is important cos I need to know when to back off...   

    irons out bumps in bends beatifully, not the least bit twitchy which my boxster can feel sometimes.


    didnt try the ESP-off... too much traffic today. best to try it on an empty family road in my own car.


    Speed.  wow!  its one fast car.  tho its not as explosive as I would expect from a 4.5s 0-100 car,  its certainly as fast as u will EVER need on the road.

    and the sound... oh my....  its worth buying this car for the sound alone.  seriously.

    my boxster sound good, but this is just ridiculously loud!


    Ride: not harsh at all. if anything, its too soft.  but then again, I am used to my boxster's stiffer setup. if anything, I like to see this car lowered a bit and stiffened up. 

    very compliant on bumpy roads.  i can see myself driving interterstae in this car and still feel fresh after a 10hrs stint.


    GearBox:  having not driven an auto for 6 yrs, it takes some time to get used to the slight "delay" between the time u step on the gas and the time the car actually bolts forward.  but its one sweet gearbox, esp like the downshift blips! even down to 1st.


    shift times arent that impressive, it does think a bit before it down shifts. but not as bad as SMG mkI and heaps smoother.  and it creeps like any auto so great for parking.


    there are three shifting "programmes"  Comfort-sports-manual.

    dont know why anyone would choose manual cos the Sports mode allows u to shifts manually anyway. and its the setting I most likely will use 99% of the time.


    buildquality not porsche standard which is a surprise. dont like the cheap feel to the plastics on the dash. its what most people complain about and I know why. Nappa leather is... well... nappa leather.  too soft and delicate for my liking and it looks like it will wear easily.  but they all come in that leather.


    I prefer the Porsche's sport seats as the tend to hug u in the right places.  the Merc's look beefy but once u are in it, its so so....  and the bl$$dy side bolsters always gets in the way when u turn the damn wheel! 

    why do they make the stick out so much??!

    I dont see how an overwight guy fit into them....


    oh, fuel economy.  forget about it!  dont drive this car near any greenies.

    for my testdrive, avg. 37.5L/ 100km  (and I wasnt pushing)

    my boxster averaged 10.2L/100km over 4 yrs.......


    so.... in conclusion.  I great sports saloon.  not a sports car.

    still havnt driven the CaymanS FL, i am sure it will be a blast, but i hv made my decision and i think 4 yrs driving a 2 seater conv its time for a change. 


    I will get back into a Porsche someday but it will have to be a 911S or 911tt.

    Re: Time for a new car.... what will it be....?

    Many congrats derder Smiley

    Rennteam Moderator - 997S GT Silver/Cocoa, -20mm/LSD, PSE, SportDesign rims, Zuffenhausen collection

    Re: Time for a new car.... what will it be....?

    oh, Wayne, a quesiton for u.


    did u get to drive one with LSD optioned on??

    any difference on the road??

    I know we dont get performance pack here in Oz, but i noticed theLSD is on the option list for like 6k.


    another thing I noticed, no cup holders at the front.   no!!!!

    how can Merc miss this???

    Re: Time for a new car.... what will it be....?

    Congrats - good choice. That engine and sound is just fantastic for a daily driver....!!!

    Re: Time for a new car.... what will it be....?

    Congratulations derder, thanks for the write up, it sounds brilliant!!  Did you get white?  Did they trade the Boxster or do you have to sell privately?

    Re: Time for a new car.... what will it be....?



    I got black/black. 

    thought about white but i want it to be a bit more subtle after owning the boxster. esp its my DD to work.


    black is very aggressive looking, and it hides some ugly sharp angles of the shape i reckon.

    I wanted grey interior for a bit of contrast inside but I am not waiting till August for a new build.... so black/black will do.


    I traded the boxster in.... just cant be bothered selling it privately.

    took a big hit with the depreciation.  its ridiculous really.

    who said Porsche retans better value?? mine has a higher milage which doesnt help, but its fully loaded with options... which doesnt count for sh$t.


    but at least i got a fairly good deal for the new car/trade in.

    its really a good time now to buy new car as most dealers are more eager to deal. (well except BMW)....


    even something as popular as C63, I didnt expect to get a lot of discount, but i did.


    now the agonising wait...... this really is the worse part

    Re: Time for a new car.... what will it be....?

    Thumbs up Smileyand congratulations! Smiley

     Cant wait to hear more about and see the first pictures.!

    Re: Time for a new car.... what will it be....?

    Derder, got your PM.  Sorry been in HK for the last 2 weeks and didn't check Rennteam at all during that time!  Sorry dude.  Anyway, congrats!  Well done on the car.  You won't regret it.  That engine is sensational!  Anyway, to answer your question and also comment on some of your observations during test drive:

    1.  I haven't driven the LSD equipped car, but I have had cars without LSD then installing an LSD so I know the difference.  With an LSD with a car of this much power, it would actually oversteer easier, but much more progressive and easier to control.  Come for a ride in my 135i and you will see what I am talking about.  $6k is cheap.  I only wished that the option was available when I bought my C63.  I am in 2 minds whether to try to install an aftermarket one or not.  All depends whether I keep this car or not I guess!

    2.  The steering felt very light and a bit weird for me too INITIALLY.  But after driving for a week, you realise how good the steering feel and weighting actually is!  It's speed sensitive and is very very light at low speed, but it actually isn't lighter than a 911 at speed and is very accurate.  It has much better feel than a M3 steering at speed IMO.  You also come to appreciate the lightness of the steering at low speed as a daily driver.  I have to say that the steering has grown on me so much that it is one of the reasons I love this car and I am no stranger to sports cars.

    3.  The gear change is much quicker in manual mode than in sports.  I don't know the stats, but it sure feels it.  Manual is the only mode where the gearchange is even slightly comparable to my Golf GTI's DSG in terms of speed.  But of course the double clutch is still the winner there.

    4.  I can't believe you say the ride is too soft.  It's harder than my Aston (ok that is sort of plush for a sports car) and I can't ever recall my Boxster S or 911 having such harsh ride.  Maybe I am just getting old lol. 

    5.  Seat - I don't have problem with the bolster when I turn.  Maybe you want to adjust the seat a bit or the steering.  As for overweight people fitting in, you do realise that the side bolster can be adjusted?

    6.  The fuel consumption isn't that bad.  I am averaging 18.7 at the moment over 5000km of mix driving.  Daily driving around town is usually around 21 l/100km or so and I am not exactly light on the gas pedal.  If you are stuck in traffic then it can go up significantly.

    Anyway, ask away if you need to know anything about the car.  Enjoy the wait lol.


    Re: Time for a new car.... what will it be....?

    thx Wayne,


    maybe i was wrong about the steering fee.  lets hope so.

    but for a car-nut like u to compliment its steering feel, I am sure it aint that bad...Smiley


    funny about your comments re the ride, with my test drive, it certainly feels softer than my boxster.

    not toyota camry soft, but softer than my boxster def... maybe it need to drive it for longer thats all.


    thats the only thing that bugs me since the test drive. was a bit worried that i hate driving this thing and I will miss the boxster once its gone.

    all my friends said i hv made the right decision so lets hope so!


    the wait is killing me.  one month is looooong.....  dont know how the Ferrari guys can wait 18months for a car... i cant do it...


    I hv to go to youtube daily to get my daily fix of  C63 sounds.Smiley

    Re: Time for a new car.... what will it be....?

    congratulations Smiley



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