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    Does best traction come when car is balanced?

    Now that I've had my C2s for 4-5 months, and have become more familiar with how the balance of the car can be altered so easily with the throttle, I have started to wonder...

    Assuming the "best line", is the fastest time always associated with having a car in its stock balanced mode? For example, a car that has 50/50 weight distribution. Will I achieve best performance if I strive for 50/50 weight distribution when in a corner? Maybe there's an optimum ratio, but does it change?

    Another way of asking this... for a given turn, constant radius, does max speed have a corresponding weight distribution, or can something else change that?

    Re: Does best traction come when car is balanced?

    I think the true answer is too complex to "guess about" here, becuase you've got so much geometry going on, not just laterally, but vertically as well. It's not so much about chalk-board physics, and MORE about how a particular car is engineered to respond to the combined g-forces of lateral, fore-aft and vertical. Your fastest corner does not lie within general math, it lies within the setup of the car you're driving, and how it "works".

    Case in point, the Porsche has very uneven weight distribution, but it's compensated-for and engineered-for with a wide rear track and larger rear tires, along with numberous other load-distributing geometry and structural tricks..

    Re: Does best traction come when car is balanced?

    Well said.

    Re: Does best traction come when car is balanced?

    As I typed out the original question, I kind of came to the the same answer. Maybe I should be thinking less about physics when I drive through corners.

    Re: Does best traction come when car is balanced?

    Keep in mind that Porsche has been wrestling with this problem ever since their top selling model happens to be about 60-40 in weight distribution. As bossnine said, they have done a bunch of things to compensate for this issue,-and you ARE overthinking this. Just drive the car. I'm amazed every day with how well they have compensated with the aft weight bias with PSM and seriously oversized tires. The bottom line--Porsche engineers are much smarter than I am with respect to the dynamics going on with the 911.


    Re: Does best traction come when car is balanced?

    I think what made the 911 such a challenge for engineers isn't so much the weight bias but weight distribution. With a big heavy boat anchor *behind* the rear axle, it does some funky stuff. . . like a tomahawk.

    Porsche has overcome a fundamentally unstable design with absolute herculean engineering efforts. A stunning achievement, really. These 997 cars are insanely precise but retains the rear engine charisma that cannot be duplicated by other designs.



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