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    Help me decide!

    Dear all,
    I am selling my C4C and I may do something that sounds crazy but I think it'll work.
    Team up with one of my best friends, who I trust 100% to buy and share a new car.
    Now if this project goes through, we have gone down to 2 models.
    And you have to give me your comments although they are 2 very different cars:
    SL55AMG 500hp
    996 Turbo X50 450 ch
    I'm not gonna do that much track although I'd like to.
    I'll be mostly week end drives, I love scenic roads
    I really enjoy top down driving too but I love Porsche, this could be my third in three years
    So, any thoughts please?
    Thank you,


    ...may I suggest a 996 Turbo Cabriolet with X50?

    The SL55 is very nice but not a real sportscar. If you want to forget about track racing completely, go for the SL55.
    But trust me: as soon as the first 996 Turbo hunts you down some narrow country roads, you'll hate your SL55.

    I have to confess that after driving through Paris rush hour, I think the best car for you would be a Cayenne Turbo.
    But I suppose there are not so crowded roads in France too, I had the luck to have very little traffic on my way to and from Paris.

    BTW: my little one had a little cold and we had to stay in the hotel the first day of our stay. Me and my wife didn't get much sleep that night as you can imagine. I tried to call you three times but once the phone rang and nobody answered and the other two times a woman (pre-recorded voice?) said something like you're not available at this time.
    I knew you go back to London on Sunday, so I didn't try the following two days anymore. We made it on Monday to the Paris Autoshow and it was a horror trip getting there in our own car and even more difficult to find a parking lot.

    You'll be able to read all details over here and don't be angry if I have to criticize a little bit a few things in France, I'd do the same in Germany, trust me.



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