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    Re: My Hairiest Supercar Moments


    I hope Fuel & McDonalds stop's included indecision

    Unfortunately it didn't have an 180 liter fuel tank. Smiley


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    Re: My Hairiest Supercar Moments


    Munich to Nice, which includes dricing through Switzerland, in 5h30min? That I would like to my view that is impossible except you drive 180 km/h in Switzerland. Anyway, you are lucky that you did not get caught!

    180 kph? Smiley Smiley

    The Italian police once stopped me, they drove behind me in a Subaru Imprezza, near Imperia. My average speed was 197.2kmh instead of 100kmh. I was young and it was very dumb but I had a Murcielageo LP640 for the drive and I could not resist. I was not allowed to drive in Italy anymore for 6 months. After the police gave me a fine, they told me that it is a beautiful car and that they understand that one cannot drive solely with it...

    Let me put it this way: I was nuts that time, drove whatever speed I was (relatively safely) able to. 997 Carrera S.

    Was it a responsible thing to do? Definitely not. I felt provoked by my wife (she was mad I wasn't coming with her and the kids to Nice...or better said to Mandelieu) and I wanted to surprise her (and the kids).

    Again, this was over 15 years or so ago, I don't remember exactly. Weather was great, low traffic (with the exception of traffic around Milano). Would never do this again, never did.

    Like I said before, Swiss police would probably shoot me on the spot if I would drive the speeds I drove that time. Smiley Smiley

    I have been stopped in Italy twice (with my wife together) and never paid any ticket. I was lucky both time, police officers were more interested in the car(s) and/or my wife (she also speaks Italian). Smiley Smiley Speed wasn't excessive though both times.

    Last German traffic ticket? I can't even remember. I have zero points on my license. Smiley Germany is full of radar traps and video police cars. Just today I saw one of those "camera" cars parked on the road, they basically video record all traffic and "pick" the ones who exceed the legal speed limit (either 30 or 50 kph). At higher speeds, they are apparently not allowed (yet) but I still don't understand how they are allowed because they basically video record the whole traffic passing by. Only the infractions are recorded permanently but still...not sure how legal this is. A lot of controversy here in Germany about this kind of speed trap.

    These are the common speed traps in Germany:

    Speed is taken by unmarked police car or even motorcycle, they take a video of you speeding or doing other bad stuff in traffic.



    Laser...not very common, depends on the region.




    Various types of radar speed traps, they usually look like these in the pics (and yes, they take photos)



    The most vicious one...and more and more common. It takes photos, one single unit can monitor speed (and even red light infractions) in both directions and up to four lanes in each direction. It can "track" multiple cars at once, this is the latest technology and used more and more here in Germany. I wish they would use it at accident spots only but they don't.






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