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    Best Clear Bra Installer and ipod Kit

    My car is coming in 2 weeks
    Any recommendation in Los Angeles area?
    Which Brand I should go for?
    How much?
    Thanks in advance

    Re: Best Clear Bra Installer and ipod Kit

    Venture shield. Not sure of the LA area installers. In the bay area, the hands down BEST place for clear bra is by Premier.

    Both my Cayman and 911 have the custom front bumper done, and its perfect.

    Re: Best Clear Bra Installer and ipod Kit

    I couldn't disagree more. Premier is overpriced (imo) and 3M is far superior material, based upon multiple experiences.

    But you pay your money and take your chances

    Re: Best Clear Bra Installer and ipod Kit

    VentureShield with clearcoating is the newest product right now and is the best of the best. No yellowing at all and looks spectacular when installed properly so it is important to find an installer in your area. Premier does great work but they're expensive from what I've heard. You do get what you pay for though.

    Did you guys know that 3M bought out VentureShield but they plan to just leave them be for now. That should speak volumes. Clearly they think that they've got a good product.

    The problem with the 3M material is that it's already "yellow" from the adhesive used in their material. My silver Range Rover has 3M film and it looks really bad and is very easily scratched. The VS material with clearcoating is much more scratch resistant from what I've found.

    Re: Best Clear Bra Installer and ipod Kit

    Premier may run on the high side of costs, but they were not expensive considering the custom job they did on my 911. I have the Ruf RT12 bumper on my Carrera S, and there are no pre-cut kits for this.

    +1 in agreement with Atomic80's comments above. The 3M is thick and discolors over time, and almost looks pasted on the car. Venture shield looks much better, IMHO.
    I felt they did a great custom job and charged appropriately. It's still a lot cheaper than a new paint job and a lot of piece of mind, since my car is lowered on Bilsteins.

    Re: Best Clear Bra Installer and ipod Kit

    How about a installer in the Los Angeles area?

    Re: Best Clear Bra Installer and ipod Kit

    Premier traveles to L.A. area regularly. Do give them a call. Sam @ Premier did mine two years ago and I have been very happy since. They may be pricey but if you consider the time and afford they put in, I think their price is very reasonable. A lot of time you can't even pay to get quality work done on our car.

    Re: Best Clear Bra Installer and ipod Kit

    contacted Premier and reserve a spot. Hopefully my car will arrive in time to catch them.
    Ipod.... no one has anything to say about Ipod? how to hook it up?

    Re: Best Clear Bra Installer and ipod Kit

    Go with the Dension iPod unit. You'll love the way it works.

    Re: Best Clear Bra Installer and ipod Kit

    btw, Premier does use Ventureshield on their installations, which does appear to be a great material for a clear bra.



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