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    How to change the mirror and the rear logo!!!

    Hy guys,
    I have two problems. I hit my left mirror a couple of weeks ago and i it kind of brke. I bought a new one and it just got painted and i would like to replace it myself cause it takes foreevere to get it done by someone professional. This isn't something new to me i did this to other cars. I wold like to know if there is a diagram otf how it's bolted on anywhere?

    Second i just got my carrera 4 s logo brand new and painted it red an would like to change it. Could you advise me how to do so? How do i remove the old one?

    Thanks a lot!

    Re: How to change the mirror and the rear logo!!!

    To remove your old logo , just pull on it ( mine came off that way)
    If it does not, then heated it with a blow dryer to soften the glue. It will then come off. Do not use any knife, a mistake is so easily made .

    Re: How to change the mirror and the rear logo!!!

    I did it and it was very simple! What do you think?

    Re: How to change the mirror and the rear logo!!!

    Maybe this will help:

    Re: How to change the mirror and the rear logo!!!

    Nice job! Looks very striking!

    Re: How to change the mirror and the rear logo!!!

    The other tried-and-true method for removing stuck-on trim is with dental floss.

    Use it like a saw by pulling back and forth under emblem to rip adhesive strip.

    Avoid contact with paint of course: merely look closely and pay attention.

    Re: How to change the mirror and the rear logo!!!

    1. Using a plastic wedge, lever out the mirror trim panel on the inside of the door and pull upwards to remove the panel (triangle)
    ( you can also put some electric tape over a screwdriver blade tip to protect the plastic panel to loosen it )

    2. Unplug the electrical wires

    3. Remove the screws holding the mirror

    Hope this helped you.

    Re: How to change the mirror and the rear logo!!!

    To remove the badges if they're the "stick on" type with no post, simple take a long peice of dental floss, double it over length wise, then floss between the badge and car.

    It'll come off no prob.



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