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    A stupid question, help please

    I saw a Red "928 G" yesterday that looked beautiful very clean one owner and 70000 miles on it. The owner is out of town and I'm dying to know if there was ever a Porsche 928 G built? and what year?
    I can tell that he took good care of the car the interior from out side was awsome and the color was shiny red which you can tell it was garaged all her life.
    He is asking USD 19K for it, is it worth it?
    I'm thinking about keeping it as Calssic Porsche and drive it once in a while.
    Any feed back would be appreciated.

    Re: A stupid question, help please

    Never heard of a 928G.
    If you want a 928, you should go for a 928 GTS (Ferdinand Porsche's favourite car)

    Re: A stupid question, help please

    Thanks for the tip.
    I was surprised to see the badge too "928 G" I don't know if it is something special or the owner just glowed it there. I'll find out on Friday.

    Re: maybe the "TS" fell off...

    i personally like the 928 very much, it's on my list of "youngtimers i would like to have". the latest edition [GTS] is still a VERY nice drive and the interior/cockpit is IMHO the best looking porsche has ever built. the models before the GTS were the S4 [auto tranny] and the GT [manual], so maybe only the "T" broke off...


    ...sorry, overlooked your post.

    There is no 928 G. Personally, I'd go for a 928 GTS from the last model years. These cars are actually technically refined and almost bullet proof.

    My dream car would be a 968 Turbo S but these little babies are pretty rare (only 15 cars were built as far as I know) and expensive.
    The 964 RS would be another dream car but not suitable for everyday street driving.

    What year is last year for

    928 GTS?
    I like the 968 too they're good looking cars.

    Re: 1994

    i think the 928 GTS production ended in 1994

    Re: What year is last year for

    The last MY of the 928 GTS was 1995.
    Here is the technical data of the 928 GTS:

    928 GTS
    water cooled, V8 engine
    5397 cm3
    257 kW (350 HP) at 5700 rpm
    Top Speed:
    275 km/h

    The US data may be a bit different.

    Thanks RC Informative as usual, NT

    Re: Ron...

    The 964 RS is also one of my favourite cars.
    If driven well it still is very fast around a twisty racetrack.
    It combines the agility and poise of the legendary 2.7 RS with some serious grunt!
    What a car!!!

    Appreciate all feed backs

    I'll be talking to the owner tomorrow and let you all know how it went.

    Re: unfortunely

    the 964 RS US version is very different than ROW.

    and it is also very difficult to find one without track miles. If I can find one with good condition, I will get one right away.

    Re: Ron...

    964 RS!!!aaaah uuh!!RC my knowledged friend!!!This baby is also my favourite dream!!Nice to see ,if you have it,some another pictures about it ...



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