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    Some breaking news regarding the Challenge Stradale

    A couple of hours ago I spoke to the owner of my dealership (ex F1 driver) here is what he told me:

    The owners of some of the biggest Ferrari dealerships were invited yesterday to Maranello to for a "secret" presentation of the Challenge Stradale.
    They were able to see it and it was even fired up for them to hear it.

    The specs are as follows:

    It will weigh 100-110 kgs less than the Modena (apr. 1170 kgs!!!!) or 30 kgs more than a Challenge car.
    The engine output will be quoted 420-425 hp, but all the engines so far on the dyno have more likely 430-435 real hp.
    It will have carbon-ceramic brakes like the Enzo's
    The suspension are not from the Challenge nor the Modena, but new and very aggressive.
    It will sit 1.5 cm lower on the wheels of the FIA N-GT car (but with 5 nuts, not the central single one).
    The interior will be stripped out and completely carbonfibre.
    The instruments of the Modena will be replaced by carbonfibre racy ones.
    The Carbon shells will be trimmed in two tone Alcantara (red and black) or black leather optional.
    The F1 system will be a more racy and extremely aggressive one.
    Reverse gear will be selected directly via the paddles, the little toggle in the center console will disappear.
    An auto air con will be an option.
    There will be the possibility to choose between std windows or the fixed perspex ones from the challenge cars.
    The rear big glass that displays the engine will be made in perspex instead.
    The engine will have more exotic materials, visible through the perspex cover.
    The exterior will also be tweaked, the tail will have a sort of ducktail end to it, to improve downforce, sort of like the 550's.
    The front will sport more aggressive spoilers under the two apertures for the radiators.
    The engine will be started via a button and not the key.

    It sounds unbelievably, says my dealer, in stock form it is comparable to a Modena with Tubi exhaust.
    They are going to make roughly 1000 of them.

    As far as the performance: it is lapping Fiorano circuit slightly QUICKER than the Challenge cars!

    The first deliveries are going to be either June-July or September, not sure yet.

    Price is a bit higher than what I expected, but given these incredible specification it is totally acceptable, it's going to be roughly 165000 Euros (they are not sure if the carbon brakes will be included in this price or if they will be an option).

    All I can say is that this spec is beyond even my wildest dreams, I'm speechless at the moment...

    Congratulations! That'll be a wonderful car! Just be aware

    that the ceramic brakes on the Porsches have had problems at the track. Maybe Ferrari has worked it out better, but steel brakes might be safer.

    Luigi - I'm very jealous!

    I'm going to try to afford the new Porsche GT3 car (I'm on the waiting list) later this year. It strikes me that these cars are very similar in concept, but I confess that the Ferrari is even more exciting (lighter, more powerful, V8, prettier, etc.).

    I wonder if Ferrari made the decision to have the stadale in part because of the GT3? Do you think the new GT3 would be a threat to a standard Modena on the track? I think they would be fairly close in lap times.

    I drive at a local road course here in Denver and I'm a bit nervous to drive such an expensive car on the track. My main track car is a modified 944 Turbo S that is very reasonably priced. Does it make you nervous to drive your Modena on the track?

    Good luck and let us know if you learn more!
    73 911S
    88 944 Turbo S
    03 GT3 waiter

    Re: Luigi - I'm very jealous!

    Luigi would know better but I think the previous GT3 was already a serious threat to the Modena so I believe the new GT3 will be faster on the track, pretty much the same acceleration but MUCH better braking than the Ferrari.
    Luigi, have you put an order on the Chalenge stradale?
    If yes, congrats man!

    Re: A W E S O M E


    these are by far the most exciting rumours i heard about a car since a long time!!

    i thought about the stradale when i was told about it some months ago as well -- but then decided that i'd rather go for the the upcoming modena successor.

    but when reading your rumoured specs... i really have my doubts. this thing seems to be the most attractive and fascinating ferrari this side of an enzo.

    i love the idea of the perspex side windows!! oh boy, i am so excited

    thank you a lot for this information!!!!!

    cheers; zz

    Re: A W E S O M E

    Go for the Stradale man, no compromise
    This is fantastic!!!
    Makes the GT3 feel tame in comparaison.
    And according to what Luigi wrote, no big huge rear wing, good stuff
    This is seriously exciting, that car will eat the baby Lambo too IMO because it will be much lighter.
    Go for it Luigi!!!
    PS: One tiny details, will it get a CD/ Radio? Alway useful in traffic on your way to Monza

    Re: A W E S O M E


    you are right!!

    i have to visit my dealer ASAP!!

    i need my perspex side windows


    Re: Some breaking news regarding the Challenge Stradale

    wow!... Truly impressive stuff. Luigi, will the Challenge Stradale be your daily-driver?...


    Re: Luigi - I'm very jealous!

    Grant, from my experience (I've driven extensively both) the "old" GT3 Clubsport and Modena are very well matched on a racetrack, with the Modena having a little advantage in acceleration and turn in speed, and the GT3 a slight margin in braking stability.I would say that there is nothing between them in a very twisty circuit, and a slight advantage for the Modena on a faster one.
    If the new GT3 isn't a lot heavier, it should be fairly quicker than the previous GT3, it probably would be as quick as a 360 on faster tracks an quicker on twisting ones, but until we have further info on it this is just wild supposition.

    As for the Challenge Stradale, if these specs are right (and my dealer was pretty sure),it is actually a lot more extreme even in concept compared to the GT3, remember that the GT3 is as heavy or heavier than the normal Carrera, and the Stradale sheds 100 kgs!!!! to the already extremely light Modena!!
    It will be a lot less practical than a GT3, coming in closer to a racecar than anything else...The concept is more like the old RS Lightweight one if we want to make a comparison with a Porsche (in concept).
    Downside is that the price is consequential, and it could well be 165000 Euros without the carbon discs (approx. a 13000 Euro option), in this case we are almost double the price of the GT3!

    Re: A W E S O M E

    I would go to the dealer right away, allocation will be very scarce (lucky we at rennteam know all these info a couple of months before mags will report ).
    These are the GT wheels it will have:

    Re: A W E S O M E

    Rear perspex glass should be something like this:

    Thanks, Luigi!

    I'd love to hear your driving impressions of the old Gt3 and Modena on the track. Is the Ferrari much more tactile and connected to the senses with steering, shifting, etc? What about the handling diffences (mid vs. rear engines)?


    Re: A W E S O M E

    i love the perspex glassing... although the side windows should make some difficulties while trying to squeeze some french fries thru the small opening at a mcdrive counter

    Re: A W E S O M E

    Forget the GT3 - I don't think the GT2 will be able to take the Stradale on - the Ferrari is just sooo light... with plenty of power - a quoted 420hp and more likely something like 435hp - it'll give it an AMAZING power to weight ratio...
    The suspension/gearbox/aerodynamics.... this is a VERY special car...
    I agree with Luigi actually - This Ferrari is more like a Porsche 911 RS - a sort of 360 Modena RS.... The GT3 is just a sharper heavywieght 911 - the Stradale is a stripped racer....
    Luigi - you've had a GT2..... this thing will EAT the Porsche!!

    Re: A W E S O M E

    I didn't mean to compare the new GT3 to the Stradale. If you read my post, you'll see that I was comparing it to the standard Modena 360. Believe me, if I could afford the Stradale (and not have to wait for years for my chance to pay - and if it is available in the US) I would buy one. But, for less than $100k, I think the new GT3 is a pretty nice package - although I have also considered a real 73 911 Carrera RS instead...

    BTW, is the standard Modena really as light as you say. I thought they were around 3,100 lbs. Are they lighter in Europe?


    Re: A W E S O M E

    Actually, I was curious about the weights, so I looked on this website which shows lots of interesting car (and track) data:

    If you click on comparison in the left margin, then select GT3 (old) and Modena 360, it shows that the Modena is heavier than the GT3 (and slower around Nurburgring and Hockenheim). The weight for the 360 is over 3200 lbs, so if the Stradale is 100kg less, it would still be close to 3,000 lbs (wet). Are these numbers wrong?


    Re: A W E S O M E

    Grant, the weight of the Modena measured by several magazines has fluctuated a lot in all the different tests (I read at least 20 of them) ranging from measured 1315 with fluids to over 1400-1420.
    The easiest way is to compare the manufacturers weight:
    there are actually two weights, the unladen weight which is of a standard spec car without fluids; and the EC weight which adds around 80 kgs.(driver and luggage if I remember correctly).
    So for the Modena : Unladen weight is 1290 kgs and EC is 1370
    For the GT3: Unladen is 1380 kgs.

    This makes the Challenge Stradale come in at around 1190-1180 kgs, which is exactly 30 kgs more than a challenge car (as the dealer told me).

    As far as lap times are concerned:
    If you read my post I'm saying that around a twisty circuit lap times for the Modena and old GT3 are about the same, this is confirmed by the Hockenheimring (the small circuit is indeed twisty) times which are 2 tenths of a second apart (which is nothing at all if you think that a different type of tyre on the Modena may account for a half a second difference).
    I take the Nuerburgring times always with a grain of salt, since I doubt that the testers had the Ferrari for the same amount of time to test at the Ring.

    Grant, I truely think that you made a wonderful choice when deciding of going for the GT3, based on how much I loved the old one.
    And I'm sure you will be extremely happy with it, even more than you actually think possible .

    Thanks, Luigi!

    I appreciate the good information and the encouragement about the GT3. I think your Stradale will be amazing! Did you hear if they will export it to the USA?


    Re: Thanks, Luigi!

    Unfortunately I have no clue about import in the US, but, if they manage to import the Enzo...

    Luigi - How did you like the PCCB brakes on your GT2?

    Since you track your cars alot, did you experience problems like many users did. And if so, do you expect the Stradale to solve these issues? Will you order the carbon-ceramic or keep steel rotors (if additional option)?


    Re: Some breaking news regarding the Challenge Stradale

    As far as I know, SGL Carbon is making the brake discs of the ENZO, same as on the GT2 (brake system is made together with Brembo). So it might be a good idea not to order the Carbon brakes on the new Challenge Stradale.

    Regarding weight: are you sure a Ferrari under 1200 kg weight will be street legal? I still have my doubts, truely.

    Anyway: if you ordered it, I just can't wait to hear the first driving report and...of see pictures.

    Weight & PCCB's

    If the weight really is for real then maybe, just maybe, the PCCB's will be sufficient for the car. Obviously the heavier the car, the more of a load placed on the brakes and the hotter they get. To illistrate, the brakes on the back of my Turbo, which are under much less of a load, still look almost new.

    But I don't think I would want to bet on it.

    All of this is kind of sad really as ceramic composite brakes do have tremendous potential.


    Re: luigi

    do you think that the perplex side windows might look like the ones from the 360GT (left pic -- i wonder how to lock these?)... and do you thing the interieur would look the GT's as well?

    Re: luigi

    Perspex windows will be something like these, the interior will bare that atmosphere but with an attention to detail that racing cars, even from Ferrari, don't have.

    Re: luigi

    sounds very exciting... do you have any idea if these plastic side windows can be locked? i'm thinking about insurance...

    Re: luigi

    Luigi - can you actually believe that they're builiding this? I still cannot!!

    We haven't seen perspex windows since the very earliest F40s!!!

    Re: luigi

    i am so excited about these windows -- i can't tell you!!

    I don't mean to sound too naive, but why are perspex

    windows good to have? Is it the light weight? Otherwise, they seem pretty inconvenient.

    Just curious,

    Glass is very heavy. [NT]

    Re: Glass is very heavy.

    Or, as in my case, I could lose about 15-20 kilos and make the car lighter that way!



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